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Book Review: Stu Garrard ‘Words From The Hill: An Invitation To The Unexpected’

Written by: Laura Chambers (4/6/2017) There’s a difference between merely reading a book and understanding it. In school, it wasn’t enough to scan a passage briefly, identify a few keywords, pass judgment and move on to the next thing. Failure to make sense of the concepts being discussed could [...]

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Various Artists ‘Beatitudes’

Written by: Laura Chambers (3/31/2017) The Beatitudes have captivated many over the years. Offering precious promises of God to the worst off and most unlikely to receive them, according to the thinking of that (and all too often, this) day, they dangle above our heads like ripened, juicy grapes, begging [...]

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Book Review: Matthew West ‘Hello My Name Is: Discovering Your True Identity’

Written by: Laura Chambers (4/12/2017) We are taught to hand out labels from a very young age. Our parents will point to foods, animals, and toys, giving us their names and encouraging us to repeat them. It’s the foundation of our ability to understand the world - knowing [...]

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Bethel Music ‘Starlight (Live)’

Written by: Laura Chambers (4/5/2017) To us, the glimmer of individual stars seems so insignificant. Yet their light travels an unfathomable distance to break through the darkness of night, whispering hope to us. The closer we come to the light, the more its glory becomes evident, and we are [...]

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Daystar Worship ‘Light Will Find’

Written by: Laura Chambers (3/8/2017) There’s no greater goal musicians can aspire to than bringing people into the presence of God, with an awareness of His greatness. North Carolina’s Daystar Worship strives to this end, bringing the message of Christ in song with Light Will Find. “Let Your Glory Shine” [...]

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Hillsong Young and Free ‘Youth Revival (Acoustic)’

Written by: Laura Chambers (3/23/2017) Hillsong Young and Free ventures into the waters it seemed to float above, re-imagining the songs of Youth Revival as acoustic tracks. While some may dismiss their music as too party-go-lucky, they may change their mind after hearing these versions. The problem with some styles [...]

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