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Book Review: ‘Fireflies: Sharing God’s Light in the Time of Loss’

Written by: Laura Chambers (2/10/2017) When children are growing up, they believe their parents have all the answers. So they come to them with endless questions. “Why is the sky blue?” “Why do the seasons change?” “Where do babies come from?” Their parents then direct them to books, attempt to [...]

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Ayiesha Woods ‘The Runway Project’

Written by: Laura Chambers (1/30/2017) Everybody needs an anthem. A song to sing to get you through one more day of slogging through the valley. It doesn’t matter whether you’re facing the music for your past failings or making a comeback after being knocked down. Resetting your attitude via the [...]

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Kari Jobe ‘The Garden’

Written by: Laura Chambers (1/25/2017) There’s something wild and mysterious about a garden. A sacred niche where the soul can find quiet refuge in the arms of God. Explore the beauty of His varied creations; tasting berries, crumbling spicy leaves between your fingers, stroking the soft petals of tiny flowers. [...]

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Rivers and Robots ‘Still: Volume 1’

Written by: Laura Chambers (1/12/2017) Music fills the pages of the Bible. Among the many examples are Israel’s song of triumph after crossing the Red Sea, David’s (and others)many psalms, and Mary’s song of praise upon hearing she was to carry the Christ child. While lyrics often garner most of [...]

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The Rock Music ‘Awakened By Hope’

Written by: Laura Chambers (11/28/2016) To be bereft of all hope does not require one to have suffered a jarring tragedy. Rather, like wind gradually eroding a rock face, we can lose our faith little by little. Every word of rejection, failure, feeling of abandonment gradually accumulates, destroying our peace [...]

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Meleana ‘White Walls’

Written by: Laura Chambers (11/11/2016) Faith doesn’t come easy in these troubled times. Every time you wake up, the news brings stories of political upheaval, civil unrest, criminal activity, natural disasters; it’s overwhelming enough without our own personal storms to weather. While the struggles within may not make the [...]

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