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Bethel Music ‘Starlight (Live)’

Written by: Laura Chambers (4/5/2017) To us, the glimmer of individual stars seems so insignificant. Yet their light travels an unfathomable distance to break through the darkness of night, whispering hope to us. The closer we come to the light, the more its glory becomes evident, and we are [...]

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Daystar Worship ‘Light Will Find’

Written by: Laura Chambers (3/8/2017) There’s no greater goal musicians can aspire to than bringing people into the presence of God, with an awareness of His greatness. North Carolina’s Daystar Worship strives to this end, bringing the message of Christ in song with Light Will Find. “Let Your Glory Shine” [...]

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Hillsong Young and Free ‘Youth Revival (Acoustic)’

Written by: Laura Chambers (3/23/2017) Hillsong Young and Free ventures into the waters it seemed to float above, re-imagining the songs of Youth Revival as acoustic tracks. While some may dismiss their music as too party-go-lucky, they may change their mind after hearing these versions. The problem with some styles [...]

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Elevation Worship ‘There Is A Cloud’

Written by: Laura Chambers (3/14/2017) It’s a scenario that plays out over and over again; you turn on the weather report and hear the meteorologist predicting a major storm. So you push the curtains or blinds out of the way, expecting to see thick, dark clouds, driving rain, violent wind, [...]

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Out Of The Dust ‘Out Of The Dust’

Written by: Laura Chambers (2/20/2017) Resurrection is one of the central themes of the Christian faith. It’s what our belief in Christ as Lord and Savior is founded upon, His rising from the tomb and conquering death forever. Stories of ordinary people raised from their deathbeds and graves fill the pages [...]

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