Josh Baldwin ‘The War is Over’

Written by: Kelly Meade (5/26/2017) Singer/songwriter Josh Baldwin offers heartfelt worship & praise with the release of The War Is Over. The album marks his first solo recording since joining the Bethel Music Collective in 2014. "Get Your Hopes Up" opens the album with a song that inspires listeners to [...]

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Abigail Duhon ‘Abigail Duhon’

Written by: Laura Chambers (5/10/2017) Abigail Duhon brings a hope-filled approach to life and music with her new album. Each of the six tracks has something to offer, from inspiration to celebration. “Into The Light” expresses appreciation of the love God pours out on us. Duhon pictures Him asking her [...]

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Todd Agnew ‘From Grace To Glory: The Music Of Todd Agnew’

Written by: Kelly Meade (5/21/2017) Todd Agnew is known for sharing genuine worship with honest lyrics that take a bold stance; often challenging listeners to take a closer look at their faith. His latest release, From Grace To Glory: The Music of Todd Agnew, is a collection of songs that [...]

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Fuse ‘Wildfire’ EP

Written by: Laura Chambers (05/19/2017) The grade 6-12 ministry of  Newspring Church, Fuse (Student Ministry), comes out with Wildfire, a six song album that merges the most natural longing in the world with synthetic and organic sounds to create something worth a moment or two of our time. “Evidence” points [...]

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Iron Bell Music ‘God That Saves’

Written by: Laura Chambers (05/06/2017) One of the most poignant images in Christianity is that of going home. It has a dual meaning for believers; the prodigal son returning from the far country to his father’s house, a picture of redemption, and the Bride being whisked away to her Groom [...]

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Christ for the Nations ‘Melody of Love’

Written by: Kelly Meade (5/4/2017) Dallas, Texas based Christ for the Nations is an international, interdenominational organization whose worship team brings together a wide range of songwriters and vocalists including Leeland Mooring, Gabriel Allred & Jordan Stewart. Their latest release is a live album entitled, Melody of Love. "There Is [...]

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DJ Kirk ‘DJ Kirk’

Written by: Kelly Meade (4/28/2017) North Dakota native DJ Kirk has made a name for himself with creative mixes, production skills and improvisation. For his latest release, self-titled DJ Kirk, the five song EP features guest vocalists backed by DJ Kirk’s electronic beats. "You're The One”, featuring Jaquelyn Walters, points [...]

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Kim Walker-Smith ‘On My Side’

Written by: Phil Stacey (4/18/2017) Kim Walker-Smith proclaims God’s faithfulness and the power of his presence in her heartfelt solo debut, On My Side. Life can be a tumultuous journey filled with unexpected twists and turns. We can travel from zero to heartbreak in the blink of an eye. But [...]

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