Influencers Worship ‘† (Just The Cross) Live Album’

///Influencers Worship ‘† (Just The Cross) Live Album’

Influencers Worship ‘† (Just The Cross) Live Album’

Written by: Kelly Meade (5/15/19)

Influencers Worship is a diverse, modern worship band whose home base, Influencers Church, has locations around Atlanta, Georgia as well as in Australia. Their latest release, † (Just The Cross), showcases a collection of both heartfelt songs and praise anthems that point listeners heavenward.

“Here With You” tells of being wholly surrendered to God and in His presence finding the peace & freedom to be who you are truly created to be.

“Further” is a prayer to be aware of God’s plan for your life and willing to step out in faith into the unknown with the confidence of having your Savior by your side as you face the future.

The title track, “† (just the cross)”, focuses on the importance of the cross as well as what Jesus’ death and victorious resurrection means for those who believe in Him – redemption, forgiveness and the gift of eternal life.

“Believe Again” stands out as a favorite of mine as it recognizes the omnipotent power of the Lord and the fact that He cares for us with a faithful, boundless love as He desires a relationship with us.

“Father’s Love” shares the depths of God’s love for us and gives thanks for the multitude of ways He demonstrates it each and every day.

“Draw Me Near” is a prayer of longing to be brought closer to the Spirit of God. That track is followed by the album’s closer – an extended cut of “Believe Again”.

Influencers Worship’s † (Just The Cross) offers the type of sound that listeners of modern worship music have come to know well bringing an album of prayerful lyrics that celebrate the mercy & grace of a loving God. A welcome addition to your praise and worship playlists!


Released: May 17, 2019

Label: Influencers Music

Track Listing:

  1. Here With You – Live (4:03)
  2. Dance Like It’s Done – Live (4:35)
  3. Further – Live (5:32)
  4. Beautiful – Live (6:08)
  5. † (just the cross) – Live (6:39)
  6. You Hold It All – Live (5:54)
  7. That We Might See (Prayer) – Live (3:01)
  8. Believe Again – Live (6:05)
  9. Open Heaven – Live (5:59)
  10. Spirit of God – Live (3:52)
  11. Father’s Love – Live (5:07)
  12. Draw Me Near – Live (5:50)
  13. Believe Again – Extended Live (8:54)

13 Tracks, 71:00

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More from Influencers Worship:

  • Imagine EP (2017)
  • On Earth/In Heaven (2018)

Visit Influencers Worship’s Official Site Here

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