Though Today’s Christian Entertainment (TCE) recently launched in January 2016 on-line – the foundation, ideas and concepts of the site were already in place in a small music review site that launched in 2004 called Christian Music Review (CMR). After a few years of dedicating its content to music reviews, CMR eventually expanded to include Christian film and then onto books and literature. Radio personality and site founder Jay Heilman had the desire to do much more with the site, but its name really confused visitors.  “CMR had the word ‘music’ in it’s title, so naturally people who came across the site were surprised to find film and book coverage as well” Jay says. “I had wanted to rebrand and relaunch the site for so many years, but I knew that if it wasn’t in God’s will at the time, then it wouldn’t happen.”

The opportunity to rebrand and launch a brand-new site came in August 2015 when Heilman decided to shut down CMR to make way for two new sites that expanded on what the original site set out to do – highlight meaningful and God-honoring Christian entertainment that focused on highlighting the Gospel in its delivery.  Along with another new site, Kingdom Builder Live (KB Live); TCE promises to build on the success CMR had in its eleven year run on-line and continue bringing fans content that would ultimately aid in ‘building His Kingdom’. Joining Jay on the TCE/KBLive projects is co-founder and ministry/business leader, Sean Perry, who offers the two sites a stability that will help it grow and continue to impact more and more people everyday.  In addition, Sean will also oversee finances/support, as well as also aid in securing advertisement and ministry support for both sites.

In addition to leadership from Heilman and Perry comes an extremely tight-knit and talented writing team including long-time CMR writer and lead review Laura Chambers; site admin, social media lead, writer Kelly Meade; site admin & social media Tonya Lindsey and writer/contributors Abby Baracskai-Thigpen, Lori Lebel, Mercedes Rich & Liz Haveman.

Our Ministry Team: