TCE’s Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I am an independent artist/filmmaker looking to have my material reviewed, will TCE review my project?2016-01-15T21:30:04-05:00

At this time we are unable to review upon request.  One big reason we cannot do so at this time is, we just do not have the writing team to accommodate all requests and it would be unfair to review some, while not reviewing others! Thank you in advance for understanding!

Question: I would like to partner with TCE on an upcoming event. Who would I contact?2016-01-15T21:28:21-05:00

Answer: If you would like to partner with us on an upcoming event, please reach out to either Jay ([email protected]) or Sean ([email protected]).

Question: I would like to advertise on TCE. How would I go about getting rates and setting that up?2016-01-15T21:29:00-05:00

We would love for you to advertise on our site! If you are interested in advertising on TCE, please contact Sean Perry at [email protected]. Be sure to include ‘Advertising with TCE’ in the subject line.

Question: I am interested in writing for TCE, how would I inquire about doing so?2016-01-15T21:29:28-05:00

We are always looking for fun, creative people to write for us.  If you are interested in joining our ministry team as a writer, please email your request to Jay Heilman at [email protected].

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