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Nicole C. Mullen - Like Never Before

Nicole C. Mullen Like Never Before

We will all experience difficult seasons in our lives that will make everything we’ve come up against prior to that seem puny in comparison. But we must remember that even our most formidable foes are no match for God. In Him we can find a joy that surpasses our despair, a hope in what will be.

Nicole C. Mullen’s story lately has been one of tears and trials in the wake of her divorce. But she continues to cling to the Lord for strength and hope in spite of it all. Her return after seven years, Like Never Before, captures the lessons God has taught her in twelve tracks filled with wisdom and honesty.

“Like Never Before” invites us to celebrate in a way we haven’t experienced until now, because no matter what our situation is, we look forward to the joy that God has promised us. It’s difficult to pin down the genre of this song, an explosion of unfiltered expression.  “Betrayed With A Kiss” resolves to move on in spite of being wronged by the one you’re supposed to be able to trust. Instead of remaining bitter, Nicole decides to forgive, something that’s missing from nearly every breakup song these days. Using metaphors drawn from Judas’s betrayal of Jesus, this song tells a story matter-of-factly, without delivering any low blows in return. Continue Reading

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