Mission of TCE:

Not Just A Website, But So Much More

Our mission could not be more simple.  Reach people for Jesus with everything we do.

Pretty simple concept huh?  Though Today’s Christian Entertainment (or TCE) launched only a short time ago in January 2016, the premise and mission of the site has been in effect for well over a decade.  When the site’s co-founder Jay Heilman put down the foundation for TCE, his eleven plus years of work with another ministry came right into the equation.

“I started a site called Christian Music Review in 2004 with the goal of using it as a way to expose fans to music that was not only entertaining, but more importantly, music that honored and glorified Christ at the same time”

Site co-founder Sean Perry is very optimistic about the site’s future and the things it can do for the Kingdom as well.

“Growing up in church as a teenager, I had always been taught to spread the Word. That has not changed for me to this day and my goal for TCE is to continue to spread God’s message to others. I’m hoping this site will not only inform people about Christian music, books and movies, but who Jesus is and how He came to save us!”

The new site’s mission is exactly the same, only on an expanded platform to include film and books as well. TCE wants to lead fans of Christian entertainment to great quality and family-friendly content.  In today’s world, it’s not always easy to find that.  With so-called “faith-based” entertainment out there that only wears the costume of Christian appeal, most miss the ball and strike out.  We want to change that and expose our audience to real and meaningful entertainment that will make an impact and difference in people’s lives.

With its decade plus of experience – Jay, Sean and their team of dedicated contributors hope to deliver content that is just that. Impacting.


TCE Founders Jay Heilman (L) and Sean Perry