Since launching Today’s Christian Entertainment (TCE) in 2015, we have relied on an amazing team of writers, who volunteer their time and talent to review the latest releases in faith-based film, music and literature. So if your answer to any of the following questions are ‘Yes’ – then you may just be the person we are looking for!

  1. Do you have a passion for writing and possess a creative will to promote new releases within Christian entertainment?

  2. Do you like music, movies or books?  How about early access to them?

  3. Do you like opportunities to attend events, concerts and festivals?

  4. Do you like to be part of a team helping to make a difference?

  5. Do you have the time to volunteer for all of the above?

If the questions above have intrigued you and you would like more information about joining our team, please send an email to [email protected] with the ‘Subject’ line: “Join Team TCE” and let us know!

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