Letting God Be Enough: Why Striving Keeps You Stuck and How Surrender Sets You Free 

by Erica Wiggenhorn

Phoenix, AZ – Today, the latest book by Erica Wiggenhorn, Letting God Be Enough: Why Striving Keeps You Stuck and How Surrender Sets You Free, is available online and at retail outlets nationwide. Erica’s fourth project with Moody Publishers, Letting God Be Enough helps readers break down personal issues of inadequacy by examining the life of Moses.

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“I’ve personally battled self-doubt for most of my life, and it seems like an epidemic, especially with Christian women,” Erica shares. “Culture is quick to judge, to just give a pep-talk and make us think that we can do everything on our own. But this idea goes against what we are called to believe. God made us His precious children. He gives us a purpose and a calling – but typically that means something that is beyond what we can do alone. When we start learning to live in a state of surrender, where God is in control, we can find truth, encouragement, and freedom.”

Erica calls Moses the “greatest self-doubter in the Bible” and she shares how his life highlights the truth that self-doubt is tied tightly to self-reliance. Reading his story, we realized that God was there to give Moses everything he needed to complete his calling. He only had to take the first step. “It’s only when you cast yourself on God that you can find the true source of strength.”

Letting God Be Enough tackles themes such as:

Overcoming feelings of Imposter Syndrome, which is defined as “persistent doubt concerning one’s abilities or accomplishments accompanied by a fear of being exposed as a fraud despite evidence of one’s ongoing success.” *

Finding freedom from the nagging fears of self-doubt and inadequacy.

Securely resting in God’s ability and commitment to care for you.

Cease searching for endless affirmation in accomplishments, positions, and relationships.

Surrender your doubts and fears over to the arms of your loving Father who promises to never leave or lie, and to always be enough in whatever you feel you lack.

How to stop looking in the mirror and instead let God be enough.

The book is a format change from Erica’s previous offerings, An Unexplainable Life, The Unexplainable Church, and Unexplainable Jesus. While still deeply steeped in scripture, Letting God Be Enough is a readable project, showing the parallels between the life of Moses and our over-committed, fast-paced lives.

Letting God Be Enough is the modern book for tackling an age-old problem, resting in God when life doesn’t make sense. You no longer have to strive, compare, or appease others to secure your worth. Instead, you can let a loving God be enough.

Find more information on Erica Wiggenhorn and Letting God Be Enough at www.ericawiggenhorn.com.

About Erica Wiggenhorn:

Erica is an award-winning author and the founder of Every Life Ministries, bringing you the truths of Scripture to transform your life. By digging deeply into God’s Word, Every Life Ministries encourages you to discover your unique purpose, accept God’s promises, and live by His power. Erica is the author of three Bible studies released by Moody Publishers: An Unexplainable Life, The Unexplainable Church, and Unexplainable Jesus. A graduate and post-graduate of Azusa Pacific University, Erica lives in Phoenix with her best friend and husband, Jonathan, and their four children, only two of which are human. The others are furry and adorable.

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