Written by: Kelly Meade (5/30/18)

Singer/songwriter Curt Anderson originally released his album Every Moment in 2016. Now listeners are treated to a deluxe edition, Every Moment Vol. 2. Available exclusively through his website, the album features many of the tracks from the first version as well as remixes & demos.

“Keep Me Falling” sets the tone with a song that is a prayer to continue falling so blissfully in love with Christ that He consumes your entire heart as we desire to follow Him with every step we take.

“Love Like You Love” tells of a longing to become more like our Savior in the ways we interact with the people and circumstances in our lives as we strive to reflect Him in everything we say and do.

“No Matter What” reminds us of the faithfulness and unchanging love of God. Wherever we go and whatever we face throughout our lives, we are never out of our Heavenly Father’s reach.

“Honestly” expresses praise and gratitude for the fact that we can come to God without fear in the midst of our brokenness recognizing that we never have to hide anything from Him.

Title track “Every Moment” celebrates living in an abundance of hope and joy that can only come from knowing Jesus.

“Love Is Rising” encourages listeners to hold on through the darkest moments and allow God’s love and peace to surround you.

One of the songs that I most related to is “When It Hurts”. We all go through times when it is incredibly difficult to trust that God knows what He’s doing especially when we are going through a painful situation or grieving a loss.

With an overall theme of God’s unfailing love and representing Christ in all aspects of your life, Every Moment Vol. 2 offers a collection of positive & uplifting songs. The ear-catching pop melodies stand out while not detracting from the message of the lyrics providing both an entertaining and edifying listening experience.


Released: April 13, 2018

Label: Independent

Track Listing:

  1. Keep Me Falling (3:08)
  2. Love Like You Love (radio mix) (3:12)
  3. Identity (3:12)
  4. No Matter What (3:27)
  5. Honestly (3:31)
  6. Heaven Come Down (5:20)
  7. Keep Me Falling (mellow mix) (3:15)
  8. Every Moment (radio mix) (3:22)
  9. Beautiful Life (acoustic demo) (4:16)
  10. Beautiful Life (demo) (3:20)
  11. Love is Rising (demo) (3:36)
  12. When it Hurts (demo) (3:18)
  13. Keep it Beating (demo) (3:37)
  14. For Us (demo) (3:00)
  15. Love Like You Love (demo) (3:06)
  16. When it Hurts (worktape) (3:19)
  17. Keep it Beating (instrumental worktape) (3:42)
  18. For Us (worktape) (3:05)
  19. Love Like You Love (instrumental worktape) (3:10)
  20. No Matter What (worktape) (3:07)

20 Tracks, 69:00

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