Jonny Diaz ‘Sweetness and Sorrow’

Written by: Kelly Meade (8/12/18) Florida native Jonny Diaz has reached listeners across musical genres with his heartfelt songs about life and love as well as God’s provision and unwavering faithfulness. His latest EP, Sweetness and Sorrow continues those themes with six new songs. “Broken People” reminds us that [...]

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Caitie Hurst ‘How Could I Be Silent’

Written by: Laura Chambers (August 7, 2018) Sometimes it takes a while to build up the courage to say what's on your heart. If it's insecurity that has your tongue tied in knots, Caitie Hurst can relate. The girl who once couldn't even get up the courage to sing [...]

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Rhett Walker Band ‘Self-Titled EP’

Written by: Kelly Meade (8/8/18) Rhett Walker Band gained a loyal pack of listeners with their successful singles “Come To The River” and “When Mercy Found Me” which showcased unmistakable vocals and a musical blend all their own. The latest release, Rhett Walker Band EP features 6 soul-stirring songs [...]

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Phil Wickham ‘Living Hope’

Written by: Kelly Meade (8/2/18) Phil Wickham has established himself as one of the most prolific worship artists of the past decade having recorded “At Your Name (Yahweh Yahweh)”, “Your Love Awakens” and “God of Our Salvation” among others. His latest album, Living Hope, brings his signature sound & [...]

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Joel Vaughn ‘Control Vol. 1 EP’

Written by: Brian Hunter (07/27/2018) If you haven’t heard about Joel Vaughn I encourage you to take a listen ASAP! Joel Vaughn may not be a household name such as Chris Tomlin, but the talent and quality is on the same level. Being a relatively new artist, most had [...]

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Pat Barrett ‘Pat Barrett’

Written by: Kelly Meade (7/20/18) I had the pleasure of reviewing Pat Barrett’s EP release earlier this year. That 4-song set left me wanting to hear more from this talented singer/songwriter and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to review the full album as well. In addition to the songs [...]

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The Martins ‘Still Standing’

Written by: Kelly Meade (7/11/18) Over the past two decades, the sibling trio known as The Martins have made a name for themselves in Southern gospel music. With their latest release, Still Standing, Joyce, Jonathan & Judy’s family harmonies inspire with songs that shine a light into the struggles [...]

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NEEDTOBREATHE ‘Forever On Your Side EP’

Written by: Lori Lebel (7/10/18) After their 6th studio album - the meticulous, critically acclaimed H A R D L O V E - NEEDTOBREATHE, the four-piece band from South Carolina wanted to break away and do something a little more spontaneous and rough around the edges.  Spending ten [...]

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