Jeremy Rosado ‘Still God’ EP

Written by: Kelly Meade June 2024 Jeremy Rosado first started gaining recognition through his time on season 11 of American Idol back in 2012 where his voice and story left a lasting impact while many more discovered him as a contestant on The Voice in 2021. Through it all, [...]

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Jordan St. Cyr ‘My Foundation’

Written by: Kelly Meade Singer/songwriter Jordan St. Cyr's sophomore album, My Foundation, is one that I have been looking forward to for a while & it does not disappoint! With hints of gospel, rock & folk influences throughout, this collection of encouraging anthems as well as stories of trusting [...]

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High Road ‘Straight from the Heart’

Written by: Celita Diaz-Perillo (Date written: 05/25/2024) The group High Road will be releasing a new album, Straight from the Heart, through the label New Day Records, on May 31, 2024. With a blend of folk, gospel, bluegrass, and Contemporary Christian sounds, one thing is for sure - every [...]

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Crowder ‘The Exile’

Written by: Kelly Meade (5/30/2024) Crowder is back with a brand new album, The Exile, which is the second in a three-part series of albums which began with Milk & Honey in 2021. Filled with a diverse collection of melodies, instruments and styles that come together in way that [...]

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Sarah Kroger ‘A New Reality’

Written by: Laura Chambers (5/6/2024) Nobody who lived through the COVID-19 pandemic escaped without being affected. Even if you may have not become ill yourself or lost a loved one to the disease, it still leaves us with questions, as most major events do - war, romance, career changes, [...]

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Jeremy Camp ‘Deeper Waters’

Written by: Darcy Webber (5/13/2024) Jeremy Camp – multiple award-winner and prolific songwriter – released his new album, Deeper Waters, this month. More important than his earthly rewards, Camp continues to utilize his God-given gifts and creative talents to spread the message of hope and the Gospel through his [...]

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STRYPER ‘Unplugged: To Hell With The Amps’

Written by: Jay Heilman (5/9/2024) For the majority of bands that got their start in the early 1980's or before - many are either no longer around, quit putting out albums, or both.  For the iconic Christian metal band STRYPER, the end still seems far off in distance with [...]

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Joseph Habedank ‘autobiography’

Written by: Celita Diaz-Perillo (Date written: 05/23/2024) Springtime is a time of renewal, refreshing, beauty, and relief after a long winter. There is more sunshine, and much cleaning up to do after the storms and dreariness of the colder weather; and, of course, there is the evidence of life [...]

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Passion ‘Call On Heaven’

Written by: Darcy Webber (04/08/2024) Every year, Passion City Church hosts the Passion Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, where 80,000 new young adults, 18-25 years old, fly from all over the world to hear the message of Jesus and to worship in His name. Call On Heaven, an album of [...]

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We Are Messengers ‘Where The Joy Is’

Written by: Kelly Meade (4/5/2024) We Are Messengers are back with their highly anticipated, 4th full-length studio album, Where The Joy Is. As the title suggests, this collection delivers not only joy, but also hope and truth throughout with faith-encouraging anthems that are sure to shine a light into [...]

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