Meredith Mauldin & UPPERROOM ‘The Turning’

Written By: Laura Chambers (July 22, 2022) The human attention span tends to wane quickly, more so than ever these days due to the hectic pace of life and myriad distractions clamoring for our attention. As difficult as it is to maintain focus on the truly important things, we [...]

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Katy Nichole ‘Self-Titled EP’

Written by: Kelly Meade (06/24/22) Breakout Christian music artist Katy Nichole has had an amazing 2022. With the massive success of 'In Jesus Name (God Of Possible)' quickly kickstarting her career into high gear, Katy has already toured extensively and won her first award as an artist at the [...]

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Dan Bremnes ‘Into The Wild’

Written by: Kelly Meade (06/23/22) Dan Bremnes is back with a brand new album. Into The Wild takes listeners on a musical journey as songs explore what it means to travel through life with our hope & trust secured in God. Title track "Into the Wild" starts this album [...]

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The Sound ‘God Is Real’

Written by: Celita Diaz-Perillo (Date written: 05/01/2022) The Sound is a trio comprised of Rob Mills and his two sons, Levi and Jacob. This album God Is Real follows their debut Make It Count. The group is passionate about making music that connects people with the Source of Life, [...]

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Tasha Layton ‘How Far’

Written by: Kelly Meade (06/23/22) After highly successful EP releases in 2019 & 2020, Tasha Layton's first full-length album, How Far, is available now! This project is filled with messages of encouragement for the struggles & questions we encounter on life's journey as well as praise for the blessings [...]

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Stars Go Dim ‘Grace In The Wilderness’

Written by: Laura Chambers (April 10, 2022) These last few years have pulled at every loose thread and chafed against every exposed surface like nothing we have endured before. As a nation, a church, a community, a family, we all felt the weight of it, struggling to comprehend the [...]

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Anne Wilson ‘My Jesus’

Written by: Kelly Meade (4/24/22) Anne Wilson has quickly made a name for herself in the Christian music industry with the debut single "My Jesus" that still carries a deep meaning to listeners everywhere. Now, the singer/songwriter has released her first full-length album bearing the same title of My [...]

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John Elefante ‘The Amazing Grace’

Written by: Jon Fisher (04/04/2022) John Elefante, the voice of the chart topping hits by Kansas, like “Play the Game Tonight” and “Fight Fire with Fire” is back with a brand new studio album, The Amazing Grace. This is his first solo album since 2013’s “On My Way to [...]

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Brandon Heath ‘Enough Already’

Written by: Laura Chambers (April 20, 2022) At our core, we all want to be loved, valued, and understood. We can't imagine that someone already does; we believe we have to earn it somehow. Our other relationships certainly seem to be based on whether or not we do or [...]

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Love & The Outcome ‘Only Ever Always’

Written by: Kelly Meade (4/4/22) Husband & wife duo Love & The Outcome have endured a lot as a family the past few years with losing their home to a flood & having many of their salvaged belongings stolen along with the repercussions of the pandemic. Through it all, [...]

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