Anchor & Braille ‘Tension’

Written by: Lori Lebel (5/21/2020) Cutting away from a long and successful journey with his alternative rock band Anberlin, singer and songwriter Stephen Christian is now focused on a solo project he started back in 2009 called Anchor and Braille - a culmination of songs Christian wrote that did [...]

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Colton Dixon ‘Self-Titled EP’

Written by: Abby Baracskai-Thigpen (5/11/2020) From American Idol sweetheart to Christian music pop star, Colton Dixon sure has done a lot in his 10 years in the music industry, but this EP seems like a first in my book. Earlier records like A Messenger and Anchor feature a lot [...]

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River Valley Worship ‘Altars’

Written by: Mercedes Rich (5/4/2020) River Valley Worship is a culmination of artists, musicians, and songwriters all from River Valley Church, based in Minnesota. Known for songs such as “Hope Has A Name” and “Both Sides”, their newest album, “Altars”, offers live and energetic recordings straight from a worship service. [...]

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Book Review: ‘Writing Worship’ by Krissy Nordhoff

Written by: Laura Chambers (April 25, 2020) Much has changed about the writing of songs since the days of King David. Whereas before, it was limited to poets and musicians, music has now become a multi-billion dollar industry hinging on catchy buzzwords, glamourous faces, and trendy sounds. Songs [...]

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Elevation Worship ‘Graves into Gardens’

Written by: Mercedes Rich (May 13th, 2020) Elevation Worship originates from North Carolina as a segment of Elevation Church. “O Come To The Altar”, one of the band’s most popular tracks, is about bringing all you have before Jesus, and completely surrendering to Him. Their newest album, Graves Into [...]

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Micah Tyler ‘New Today’

Written by: Kelly Meade (04/23/2020) Contemporary singer songwriter Micah Tyler made a name for himself in Christian music with his breakthrough album, Different. Now, three years later, Micah is set to add another chapter with the release of New Today. "Amen" opens the album with a praise filled song [...]

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Brooke Robertson ‘Taking My Voice Back’

Written by: Laura Chambers (3/15/2020) There is no sound so loud as the silence of those whose voices have been stolen by another...until the victims reclaim their right to speak and we actually listen to them. But what will they choose to say? Will they point the finger of [...]

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Ernie Haase & Signature Sound ‘Something Beautiful’

Written by: Kelly Meade (04/15/2020) Gospel group Ernie Haase & Signature Sound lend their harmonies to a collection of favorite Bill & Gloria Gaither classics with the release of their newest album, Something Beautiful. The album opens with "He Touched Me". This is perhaps one of the most impactful [...]

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Jason Gray ‘Disorder EP’

Written by: Kelly Meade (04/7/20) There are only a handful of artists whose music I genuinely connect with and Jason Gray is one of them. His songwriting style and the messages within the songs have encouraged my faith on so many occasions helping my relationship with God to be [...]

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