Written by: Kelly Meade (3/3/18)

Nevada based worship team I AM THEY have released their second full-length album, Trial & Triumph. With it the band brings a varied musical sound that sets them apart from many modern worship teams as the songs speak to the hearts of listeners.

“My Feet Are On The Rock” kicks off the album with a toe-tapping anthem about remaining strong in your faith and trust in Jesus through everything that tests our hope and patience to the max.

“To The One” encourages us to come just as we are with all of our hurts, worries, hopes and dreams to God. Sometimes it can be incredibly difficult to bring everything to Him or we may feel like even when we do we still don’t get answers, but it’s important to keep believing that our prayers will never go unheard and He will guide us through when we set aside ourselves and let Him in.

“How Far We’ve Come” reminds listeners that God has remained faithful with every step and struggle, every up and down that we have experienced thus far and will continue to be.

“Scars” tells of not letting the pain and mistakes of our past define us, but instead be a testimony of God’s grace, mercy and love. Halfway through, the song takes an interesting turn to being thankful for Jesus’s scars that redeemed and set us free.

“Near To Me” is a prayer to be drawn nearer to God and His light even in our darkest hours.

The tender tone of “Still Here”, speaks of finding one’s strength in the presence of the Lord knowing that He is right beside us as we face the fears and battles that try to steal our souls.

“Let Your Love Pour Out” closes the collection with a reflective prayer to experience the fullness of God’s love within as we long to live our lives for Him.

From start to finish, Trial & Triumph features solid vocal performances and well-written lyrics that convey a message of hope & healing celebrating our Heavenly Father’s unfailing love and steadfast promises in which we can find peace when we turn to Him.


Released: March 2, 2018

Label: Provident Label Group LLC

Track Listing:

  1. My Feet Are on the Rock (3:04)
  2. To the One (3:22)
  3. How Far We’ve Come (3:56)
  4. Scars (3:58)
  5. No Impossible With You (3:38)
  6. The Water (Meant for Me) (4:26)
  7. Near to Me (5:21)
  8. Crown Him (3:50)
  9. Still Here (3:24)
  10. Let Your Love Pour Out (4:07)

10 tracks, 39:00

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