Jonny Diaz ‘Sweetness and Sorrow’

///Jonny Diaz ‘Sweetness and Sorrow’

Jonny Diaz ‘Sweetness and Sorrow’

Written by: Kelly Meade (8/12/18)

Florida native Jonny Diaz has reached listeners across musical genres with his heartfelt songs about life and love as well as God’s provision and unwavering faithfulness. His latest EP, Sweetness and Sorrow continues those themes with six new songs.

“Broken People” reminds us that we’re all human and no matter how broken, ashamed & doubting we are, God will still love us and listen to our prayers. Most importantly, He will still use our lives.

“Let Faith Move You” encourages us to take a chance and chase the dreams that God has placed within our hearts. It can be absolutely terrifying to step out into the unknown, but if it’s what you’re truly meant to do, nothing will be able to hold you back. The lyrics pose the question of “what if?” but instead of focusing on everything that could go wrong, they ask “what if it goes right?” which is a way of thinking that we all should strive towards.

“There” speaks of someone who sees the seemingly perfect lives of their friends & people of interest they follow on social media wishing they could be in their shoes until coming home and realizing that they already have it all with their family and every blessing from above.

“Define Me” tells of the devil prowling through our minds & lives looking for everything that causes us to doubt and twists our world into a tangled mess. The song also mentions how he can feed us lies that cause a massive divide between individuals as well as entire countries. The chorus reminds us to stand up to the devil, remembering that all he tries to make us believe and break us with has already been beaten by our victorious Savior whom we can call on to give us the strength to fight against the enemy.

“Need You Always” closes the collection recognizing that throughout all our highs and lows, we need our Heavenly Father. Not only in the painful times when we cry out for answers, but also in the joyous times we must remember that God wants to be a part of our lives; sharing in both our heartbreak & our celebrations.

The messages within the songs found on Sweetness and Sorrow found me at a time when they spoke volumes to my heart. God can use the most unexpected things at the perfect moment. As you listen, allow not only the melodies and smooth vocal performances to entertain your ears, but also the words to enter your soul and stir your faith.


Released: August 10, 2018

Label: Centricity Music

Track Listing:

  1. Broken People 3:20
  2. Let Faith Move You 3:13
  3. There 3:17
  4. Define Me 3:26
  5. Watch You Be a Mother 3:15
  6. Need You Always 3:15

6 Tracks, 20:00

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