May 31, 2024 (Los Angeles, CA) — Today, 4X Grammy Award-winning rap artist / Reach Records co-founder Lecrae is back and doubling down on his red-hot momentum with a new single. The indie giant is “Still Here” and standing strong in the face of adversity for his first solo release of 2024.

Stream “Still Here” here via Reach Records.

Speaking on the single, Lecrae shares, “I want people to know that even if you feel left behind, people are still here… God is still here.” The trailblazing artist is embracing all aspects of the human experience in his latest entry – the good, the bad, and the traumatic. “Still Here” is a personal exploration for Lecrae, highlighting his will to keep fighting, asking for help, and having the courage to be vulnerable through every trial.

This impassioned blend of introspection and poignant storytelling is nothing short of cathartic as Lecrae trumpets his resolve against all odds. The uplifting soundtrack possesses a raw vulnerability that strikes a chord with audiences worldwide. In fact, earlier this year, Lecrae partnered with Cross Purpose to perform “Still Here” for the first time behind prison walls in his hometown. In the past, he’s also worked with nonprofit organizations such as Love Beyond Walls, Prison Fellowship and Send Musicians To Prison on similar initiatives. “Performing and sharing my single [‘Still Here’] in prisons before anywhere in the world paints a unique picture,” he shares. “I believe God wants us to demonstrate care and concern for those who are overlooked in our society despite their past. The first shall be last, and the last shall be first.”

Lecrae’s new single shines a light on cultural conversations that are long overdue. He’s using his words to instill hope in others and make a difference. After everything he’s been through, it’s clear that Lecrae is still here for a reason and nowhere near finished yet.

Listen to “Still Here” above and stay tuned for more announcements from Lecrae coming soon.

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