Run51 Drops New Song “Never Let Go”

Los Angeles, CA (April 5th, 2023) Today, Run51 releases their new song “Never Let Go” (DREAM Records) available on all digital retail and streaming service providers worldwide. The song was produced by Jeremy Green and MANTRA and co-written by Jeremy Green, Chaz Miles, Jason Burris.

“Never Let Go is a captivating new song that seamlessly blends heartfelt lyrics with an infectious melody. Run51 navigates themes of identity resilience, time and ultimately God’s love, creating a musical journey that listeners can enjoy. The well-crafted vocals and instrumentation come together to deliver a memorable and uplifting song of hope. Never Let Go is Run51’s first song to release of 2024 that will leave a lasting impact.” – Jason Burris, Run51

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Life is a race. What are you running for? Run51 has embraced the challenge to use their love for music to point the culture to what truly satisfies. Using the language of music to cross barriers, Run51 presents a positive and inspiring message that real freedom and peace in this life, is given by God’s love toward us at the Cross.

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Courtesy of Dream Label Group