Run51 Team Up With Branan Murphy To Release “This Moment”

Los Angeles, CA (March 10th, 2023) – “This Moment” the new track by Run51 is now available via DREAM Records. Available on all digital service providers, the track features pop artist Branan Murphy. The song was produced by Jeremy Green and Grammy nominated and Dove Award winning producer Jordan Sapp.

“This Moment is one of my favorite songs we’ve written as band. It truly captures the essence of what life is about. We can only freely live in This Moment. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is beyond our control, but making the most of what is right in front of us is sometimes life biggest challenge. We hope This Moment encourages you to stop being distracted by the all this world offers and to use your life purposefully loving God and others.” – Jason Burris, Run51

Listen or Buy “This Moment (feat. Branan Murphy)” here

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Life is a race. What are you running for? Run51 has embraced the challenge to use their love for music to point the culture to what truly satisfies. Using the language of music to cross barriers, Run51 presents a positive and inspiring message that real freedom and peace in this life, is given by God’s love toward us at the Cross.

Singer, songwriter, pop artist, worship leader, rapper, producer – Branan Murphy defines creative diversity. Known for his passion and honest lyricism, Branan utilizes a wide range of musical styles and performances to connect with people from all walks of life. In 2021, he released the “Better King EP,” which featured two Billboard Top 10 hits, including his first Billboard #1 record, “This World Is Not My Home.” The follow up from this success has led to his most recent release, “Father,” in October of 2022, which is the first single from his upcoming album slated for release in 2023.

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Courtesy of Dream Label Group