Bethel Music ‘Starlight (Live)’

///Bethel Music ‘Starlight (Live)’

Bethel Music ‘Starlight (Live)’

Written by: Laura Chambers (4/5/2017)

To us, the glimmer of individual stars seems so insignificant. Yet their light travels an unfathomable distance to break through the darkness of night, whispering hope to us. The closer we come to the light, the more its glory becomes evident, and we are overwhelmed by it. Like those stars, God illuminates our lives and brings beauty when we wait in His presence. With Starlight, Bethel Music joyfully reflects His love and mercy outward to the world and upward to His heart.

“Starlight” dwells on the ever increasing closeness of God relative to us. He is compared to fire and sunshine, illuminating everything in His sphere of radiance even when natural light is gone. Amanda Cook’s voice trembles with wonder as she sings to the Lord. “There’s No Other Name” is the first of two tracks on this album to feature Francesca Battistelli. Aside from her Christmas tracks, she doesn’t delve much into worship songs, tending towards more inspirational, everyday life encouragement. Giving examples of the powerful works Jesus accomplishes – bringing dead to life, healing the sick, and other miraculous acts – Battistelli proclaims that no name is like His. “Extravagant” struggles to fully grasp the depth of overflowing love Jesus has for us. He cares for our smallest concerns in a way that doesn’t compute in our way of thinking. What else can we do but surrender unconditionally and completely to such a love? “Breathe (Spontaneous)” gives the audience a calming transition between songs, taking God in and releasing His presence into the air. We are reminded that when we worship the Lord, we come together with Him. “Take Courage” encourages us to wait for God to reveal His way in due time, never losing faith that He will come through for us. Kristene DiMarco reminds herself of God’s promise to complete what He started. We can find Him while we faithfully await the victory He‘ll bring. The strength of her voice complements the power she knows God wields, before softening as though one were falling asleep assured of their safety.

“King Of My Heart” desires that the Lord be not only our king, but a refuge, the source of nourishment and comfort. He keeps us grounded and drives us onward, filling us with passion to live that flows from His innate goodness. Its chorus simply yet amazingly declares Him to be good. “God I Look To You” is Francesca Battistelli’s second appearance; it’s a song I recognize from church, and she does it justice. Knowing He is a source of help we can count on, we call on Him to help us see things as they are and thereby make the right choices. Battistelli balances power with awe as she lifts her eyes to the Lord. “The War Is Over” declares that the seemingly endless struggle between good and evil has culminated in Christ’s victory over death and sin. We no longer have to strive for peace and a place to belong, because He has mercy on us. Kalley Heiligenthal delivers this wonderful news with joy where despair reigned previously. We can walk into our battles knowing that He has ultimately overcome everything. “I See The Light (Spontaneous)” proclaims that we now cease believing the lies once light has dawned in our lives. We trade them for the truth of our belonging to and being beloved of Jesus. “Catch The Wind” pictures a kite launching into the air, unfurled to take maximum advantage of the currents. Completely assured of God’s unfailing faithfulness, we can fearlessly risk it all. Melissa Helser’s confidence buffets dark clouds of doubt into oblivion like a gust of fresh air.

Hannah McClure gives us “Old For New”, a happy celebration of God’s restoration and replacement of broken things in our lives. This is the first song so far that I had trouble understanding the lyrics of, but the bliss comes through loud and clear. “For The One” is Jenn Johnson’s earnest prayer to become more compassionate and accepting, willing to forgive and look past prejudice to see the person underneath. God created everyone equally; we’re the ones who drew dividing lines between the various groups. Let everyone see God in us and read His story in our eyes. “You Came (Lazarus)” tells Lazarus’s story from a first person point of view, focusing on Jesus’ response to the man’s death. Rather than merely grieve him, Jesus performed a miracle – He did something about Lazarus’ condition. We have no reason to fear anything because our God had the power over life and death. An acoustic version of “Extravagant” concludes this album, echoing off the walls of a cavern, or perhaps an otherwise empty cathedral, creating a sense that this is a moment of personal reflection which needs nothing to adorn it further.

Starlight’s thoughtful lyrics will inspire gratitude long after the music ends. Bethel Music’s stirring melodies draw listeners into the marvelous strength of God and invite them to consider Him as both powerful and personal, loyal and loving.


Released: April 7, 2017

Label: Bethel Music

Track Listing:

  1. Starlight (5:37)
  2. There’s No Other Name (5:40)
  3. Extravagant (6:11)
  4. Breathe (3:25)
  5. Take Courage (6:18)
  6. King Of My Heart (4:59)
  7. God I Look To You (6:25)
  8. The War Is Over (8:09)
  9. I See The Light (3:37)
  10. Catch The Wind (6:49)
  11. Old For New (3:48)
  12. For The One (3:47)
  13. You Came (Lazarus) (4:14)
  14. Extravagant (Acoustic) (7:54)

14 Tracks, 73:16

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