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Hawk Nelson ‘Miracles’

Written by: Laura Chambers (March 24, 2018) Do miracles happen every day? Definitely. Do miracles happen to everybody? Most assuredly. Do miracles happen to everybody every day? Depends on your point of view. If your measuring stick is only capable of registering the most significant or obvious miracles, like [...]

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The Rock Music ‘Your Love Remains’

Written by: Laura Chambers (March 5, 2018) Your ability to continuously locate water to drink depends on whether you're drawing from a puddle or a spring, a rain barrel or a well. Whereas puddles and rain barrels contain a limited amount of water that, once depleted, is unlikely to [...]

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Audrey Assad ‘Evergreen’

Written by: Laura Chambers (February 12, 2018) Pain. Sharpened by the horror of tragedy personalized, it has the power to wound and to heal. It is both the assassin's dagger thrust through the heart, and the surgeon's scalpel opening a way for medical intervention. The difference lies in our [...]

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Michael W. Smith ‘Surrounded’

Written by: Laura Chambers (February 5, 2018) Never before have the lines been so sharply drawn between individuals. Every group races to claim moral superiority over the other, even as they twist the truth. Whether shouting unfounded accusations as though they were the proven gospel truth, skewing statistics to [...]

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Mass Anthem ‘Through People Like Me’

Written by: Laura Chambers (1/9/18) Sometimes it seems unbelievable that God, with all of the universe at His command and the power to create out of nothing would even bother to involve fragile, vulnerable, broken, volatile humans in His plans. He could override our frailties and free will temporarily, [...]

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Equippers Revolution ‘CLRS EP’

Written by: Laura Chambers (1/10/18) Equippers Revolution's CLRS brings a bit of clarity to our chaotic days, reminding us to take a moment to affirm God's glory and provision. "Senses" wakes up to a new life full of brilliant colors enhanced by the presence of God, who can bring [...]

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Alexis Slifer ‘Famous For EP’

Written by: Laura Chambers (1/12/18) Mention the name of God, and many people will affectionately recall their favorite Bible stories; verses that sustained them through dark nights of uncertainty; nuggets of wisdom that have been proven true over and over. The miracles of the Old and New Testaments, the [...]

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Nicole C. Mullen ‘Like Never Before’

Written by: Laura Chambers (1/8/2018) We will all experience difficult seasons in our lives that will make everything we've come up against prior to that seem puny in comparison. But we must remember that even our most formidable foes are no match for God. In Him we can find [...]

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Brooke Robertson ‘Have My Heart EP’

Written by: Laura Chambers (12/23/2017) What better way to commence a new year full of possibilities and blessings than by releasing a debut EP? Brooke Robertson starts 2018 off right with Have My Heart, a release that speaks volumes despite its brevity. "Have My Heart" depicts a nighttime conversation [...]

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Planetshakers ‘Christmas Vol 1 EP’

Written by: Laura Chambers (November 27, 2017) After 20 years of music and ministry, Planetshakers debuts its first Christmas release, optimistically titled Planetshakers Christmas Volume 1. “Hark” gives the hymn a bit of a pop refresh. In the process, it loses its reverent feel in favor of a jumble [...]

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