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Here Be Lions ‘Only A Holy God’

Written by: Laura Chambers (June 18, 2018) It began as a caution to would-be travelers that the distant lands demarcated thusly were rife with peril. The band known as Here Be Lions has adopted the phrase and given it new meaning - one of claiming unexplored territory in the [...]

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Jeremy Gibson ‘Worthy Of It All’

Written by: Laura Chambers (May 24, 2018) Jeremy Gibson shares his heart for the Lord with the like-minded and the longing. Worthy Of It All opens a window into the artist's soul, and reflects our own longings and natures back to us. With Psalm 139 as its source material, [...]

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Sanctus Real ‘Changed’

Written by: Laura Chambers (4/19/18) It's been said that the only thing which is constant in life is change. But after years of constancy, change has the potential to cripple if not handled properly, particularly if the change is life-altering. After long time lead singer Matt Hammitt departed Sanctus Real, [...]

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Vertical Worship ‘Bright Faith Bold Future’

Written by: Laura Chambers (May 23, 2018) Surrounded by the stories of glories past, we can find them an overwhelmingly heavy weight to bear when our world looks nothing like the one we were expecting. Vertical Worship ventures forward into the next chapter of the grand narrative that God is [...]

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Hawk Nelson ‘Miracles’

Written by: Laura Chambers (March 24, 2018) Do miracles happen every day? Definitely. Do miracles happen to everybody? Most assuredly. Do miracles happen to everybody every day? Depends on your point of view. If your measuring stick is only capable of registering the most significant or obvious miracles, like [...]

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The Rock Music ‘Your Love Remains’

Written by: Laura Chambers (March 5, 2018) Your ability to continuously locate water to drink depends on whether you're drawing from a puddle or a spring, a rain barrel or a well. Whereas puddles and rain barrels contain a limited amount of water that, once depleted, is unlikely to [...]

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Audrey Assad ‘Evergreen’

Written by: Laura Chambers (February 12, 2018) Pain. Sharpened by the horror of tragedy personalized, it has the power to wound and to heal. It is both the assassin's dagger thrust through the heart, and the surgeon's scalpel opening a way for medical intervention. The difference lies in our [...]

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