Darlene Zschech and Hope UC ‘The Table: A Christmas Worship Gathering’

Written by: Laura Chambers (October 20, 2018) What's the central feature of your Christmas celebrations? For some, it may be a fragrant evergreen tree, adorned with sparkling lights and ornaments, topped by either an angel or a star, and laden with piles of presents. For others, it may be [...]

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Josh Turner ‘I Serve A Savior’

Written by: Kelly Meade (10/22/18) Country artist Josh Turner has never been afraid to share his faith through his music and in every other aspect of his career. From the release of his first hit single, “Long Black Train”, to fan-favorites “Me & God”, “The Way He Was Raised”, [...]

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Jenny & Tyler ‘There Will Be a Song (Deluxe Edition)’

Written by: Laura Chambers (October 9, 2018) In this day and age, the highlight reel that is social media can be a veritable self(ie)-directed public relations campaign; images posed to show off our best sides and edited to portray us as better versions of ourselves; carefully worded messages that [...]

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TobyMac ‘The Elements’

Written by: Kelly Meade (10/9/18) TobyMac has consistently brought listeners creative sounds that not only pull you in, but also speak to your heart. With the release of the highly anticipated album The Elements, he adds another impressive chapter to his illustrious musical career. Title track, “The Elements”, appropriately [...]

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for KING & COUNTRY ‘Burn The Ships’

Written by: Abby Baracskai (October 2, 2018) I’d like to start with a small tidbit and say I did not always adore For King and Country like I do now. My first experience with them was when “Proof of Your Love” was big on the radio and I absolutely [...]

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The Church Vessel ‘The Outcome (Live)’

Written by: Laura Chambers (September 17, 2018) On this side of our prayers, our problems appear unsolvable. Pain seems to imprison us with unbreakable bonds. As we struggle against them, we only become more worn-out from trying. It seems inconceivable that something so small as a whispered word of [...]

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Jason Gray ‘The Kipper Gray Sessions EP’

Written by: Kelly Meade (9/14/18) Jason Gray has been recording and releasing some of the most honest and inspiring songs over the past decade that don’t shy away from getting real with the struggles that we face in this world. For his latest project, Jason enlisted the help of [...]

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Nathan Sheridan ‘Broken With You’

Written by: Kelly Meade (9/14/18) Nathan Sheridan’s life has been filled with more trials & heartbreak to overcome than many twice his age has endured. Through those circumstances, Nathan found the love of Christ and soon after accepting Him into his life, he also discovered a passion for music. [...]

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