29:11 Worship ‘Marble & Mortar, Vol. 1’

Written by: Kelly Meade (2/15/19) 2911 Worship offers a collection of modern worship with Marble & Mortar, Vol. 1. Recorded in a live setting, the songs on this EP capture the atmosphere of those gathered together. "Compass" finds someone searching for direction & answers while keeping faith in God [...]

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Film Review: ‘The Least Of These’

Written by: Kelly Meade (2/08/19) Everyone has something they believe in. When faced with a differing point of view we have the choice to stand firm in that belief or be swayed by the opinions of others. For some, when confronted with this difference they become fearful of [...]

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Radiate Worship ‘Come Alive’

Written by: Kelly Meade (2/07/19) In keeping with the modern trend of worship music, Radiate Worship adds their voices to the mix with Come Alive. This collection offers twelve tracks that remind listeners of God's provision and mercy as it calls their hearts into a time of worship. "Back [...]

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Passion ‘Follow You Anywhere’

Written by: Laura Chambers (January 28, 2019) You've probably heard this question before, or, if you're a parent, asked this question of your kids; "if ____ jumped off a cliff, would you jump, too?" This age-old question typically follows a request to do something dangerous or morally questionable because [...]

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The Singing Contractors ‘Working On A Building: Hymns & Gospel Classics (Live)’

Written by: Kelly Meade (1/27/19) Social media can be both an incredibly useful tool or the cause heartache and pain. Thankfully, when it is utilized in a way to spread positivity and feel-good moments, it can be another way God uses everyday people to reach the masses with His [...]

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John Waller ‘Explosions Of Light’

Written by: Jay Heilman (January 20, 2019) From the first time I heard John Waller and his 2007 major label solo debut The Blessing, I could honestly tell you that he had garnered a fan for life.  There was so much honesty in the lyrics and just the similarities to [...]

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Casey J ‘The Gathering’

Written by: Laura Chambers (January 15, 2019) One of the challenges businesses face is making themselves easily accessible to their customers. For some, that means bringing their goods and services to the customers by adding takeout service. For others, it might mean setting up a smaller satellite location in [...]

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Switchfoot ‘Native Tongue’

Written by: Kelly Meade (1/16/19) Alternative rock band Switchfoot has garnered legions of fans that stretch beyond the Christian music genre over the course of their career spanning the past two decades. Their unique musical arrangements combining elements of rock, soul, grunge & pop, honest vocals and [...]

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Dave Pittman ‘Different Kind of Love’

Written by: Laura Chambers (January 2, 2019) One of the least understood and most cheapened of all the words in the English language has to be the word "love". People use it to describe everything from warm friendship to meaningless one-night flings to favorite ice cream flavors. There is [...]

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Film Review ‘Buttons’

Written by: Kelly Meade (12/5/18) Christmas is the perfect time to bring loved ones together and watch your favorite holiday films. With an amazing ensemble cast and heartwarming story, Buttons is sure to be added to that list for many. Set in a quaint village where the magic [...]

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