Written by: Kelly Meade (02/02/23)

God’s plans & timing may not always be what we expect, but they’re always exactly what we didn’t know we needed.

Heaven Sent tells the story of Elise who is confident and content in life being a business owner and loving grandmother to her 19 year old grandson Derek whom she raised since he was a young child. While Elise is set in her ways and letting someone new into her life was not in her plans, the prompting of a friend to attend a social event at their local church opens the door to a new relationship she never saw coming.

Pastor Patrick Briggs has found it difficult to move on since losing his wife of 25 years. As he counsels young couples through their disagreements, he clings to the memories of his marriage, still wearing his ring. Everything begins to change for him when he meets Elise and the pair find themselves getting along better than either could have anticipated.

Throughout Heaven Sent, we see Elise and Patrick’s story unfold as they discover a path to new love in an unexpected way. Unbeknownst to Elise, Derek uses his grandmother’s new romance to gain recognition in his online community leading to lessons learned for both Derek and Elise that ultimately teaches them more about each other and that honesty, forgiveness, love and respect are vital to all relationships if you want them to grow stronger.

Now streaming exclusively through Pure Flix, Heaven Sent is a fun and entertaining film that reminds us no matter where we are in life, it’s never too late for God to work within our circumstances to accomplish what He knows is best for us and we should remain open to what He is doing in our lives.

Cast includes:
Karen Abercrombie as Elise
Leon Pridgen as Patrick
Jemarcus Kilgore as Derek
Charlene Tilton as Pam
Michael J. Patterson as Kenny
Elizabeth Byland as Theresa
Maurie Moore as Corrine


Released: 02/03/23 (Streaming)

Running Time: 98 Minutes (Pure Flix/Canyon Productions)

Rated NR

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