Written by: Kelly Meade (12/01/22)

When you think of music and artists who became legends, Johnny Cash is sure to be on that list with the impact he left on the past 60+ years. No matter the genre, you will find several people in the industry who have been influenced in some way by Johnny and his songs.

Beyond music, the man himself fought many battles – and ultimately overcame the demons that tried to take his life.

Johnny Cash: The Redemption Of An American Icon tells the story of the man in black that few may know. We hear about Johnny’s life growing up and his closeness to his siblings and mother while the relationship with his father was more strained. After a tragic accident took the life of someone very close to him, Johnny fought through his grief and became more determined to achieve his dreams of music.

After serving in the air force, Johnny made his way to Memphis where his career began at Sun Records. As his music started to take off, he quickly became a household name while his personal life spun downward. He continuously tried to balance his relationship & career, but addiction soon took over, damaging everything he’d built up in his life.

By the time he hit his rock bottom, Johnny found himself in a dark place – figuratively and literally – before God’s redeeming light broke through. A life-changing experience started Johnny on a brand new path as he found new meaning and purpose using his platform in entertainment to now spread the message of God’s love to everyone who would listen.

Throughout the film, we see video interviews of Johnny’s friends, family and fellow musicians as they share what Johnny meant to them. We also hear a candid, recorded interview with Johnny himself in which he shared details about his life and career that are certainly eye-opening.

Johnny Cash: The Redemption Of An American Icon takes you on an emotional journey that music fans and general moviegoers will appreciate. The powerful message that redemption is possible no matter how far you’ve fallen is sure to resonate with all viewers and inspire you to hold tight to your belief and follow the path God has for you.

In theaters December 5th – 7th, 2022
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Released: 12/05/22 (Theatrically)

Running Time: 110 Minutes (Harvest Ministries/Kingdom Story Company/Radiate Films)

Rated NR

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