Written by: Kelly Meade (December 2022)

Do miracles still happen? Do they really exist at all or is it pure coincidence?
These questions are the kind that will spark conversations after watching the film Miracle At Manchester.

Based on the true story about high school athlete Brycen Newman as he navigates a life altering medical diagnosis, Miracle At Manchester explores the power of prayer and faith through trials that no one ever plans for or hopes they’ll have to endure.

With the loving support of family, friends and complete strangers, Brycen never loses hope even in the darkest of times. Brycen’s father, Rick, becomes his greatest advocate, ally and confidant as he refuses to give up on his son. The strength of their bond continues to grow through health challenges that put their faith to the ultimate test. In the midst of it all, Brycen continues to encourage his father to trust in God. As the film unfolds, we see how different characters paths cross and connect back to Brycen leading to special moments and a lasting impact on each of them.

Overall, Miracle At Manchester is a well-made film with a script and character portrayals that draw viewers into the emotional highs and lows as you find yourself cheering for Brycen & his loved ones throughout. The powerful outcome of this must-see movie brings home the message of hope and will leave you feeling inspired. Miracle At Manchester is available now on DVD at www.jcfilms.org

Cast Includes:

Korey Getman as Brycen Newman
Eddie McClintock as Rick Newman
Dean Cain as Dr. Getty
Daniel Robuck as Ed Hanson
Kathy Patterson as Marilyn Hanson
Brennan Hunt as Alexandra


Released: 12/03/22 (DVD)

Running Time: 84 Minutes (JCFilms)

Rated NR

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