Written by: Kelly Meade (3/23/2017)

While we all experience highs & lows in our lives and in our faith, there are those who face a struggle that has the potential to consume every bit of their humanity and tries to claim their souls. At times it feels like it would be easier to give in, especially when we realize there’s no way we can change the situation on our own. Finding the will to survive & allowing a greater power to intervene is crucial to conquering the enemy.

Based on a true story, Victor follows the story of a young man, Victor Torres, and his family as they try to adjust to a new way of life after moving from Puerto Rico to Brooklyn, NY in the 1960’s. While they experience financial ups and downs and struggle to make ends meet, Victor’s mother is determined to keep her family together. Victor strives to look out for his younger brother and his parents though tensions run high when Victor feels like his father isn’t pulling his weight to provide for them.

In an attempt to make friends in their new neighborhood, Victor gets involved with a gang that begins to lead him astray as he tries to fit in. With the need to provide for his family weighing heavily on his shoulders, Victor is pulled deeper into the gang lifestyle and feels pressured to make more money which sinks him into a world of crime, violence, as well as using & dealing drugs. While Victor is blinded by the money and ability to buy things for his family they were previously unable to afford, his mother becomes concerned for his well-being and questions the source of his income.

One day, Victor & his brother meet a young pastor who plants a church in the neighborhood. Pastor Jimmy attempts to reach out to Victor and the people he hangs out with which is met by scoffs of refusal. When Victor’s mother meets the pastor, he shares his testimony with her inspiring her to lean on faith and trust God to save Victor from his current lifestyle.

After failed stints in different rehab centers, Victor’s mother begins praying fervently for her son as he slips further into the darkness of addiction that drives him and his fellow gang members to use drastic measures to feed their habits. When every other attempt to get clean fails, Victor’s parents bring him to a house that the pastor opened to help addicts recover not only physically but spiritually. There, Victor finds an unlikely ally who helps him understand that the house is different than other recovery centers. The introduction of faith in Jesus Christ into the equation is what finally causes a change of heart in Victor giving him clarity to see the true calling God placed upon his life.

The story of Victor is a powerful one as we witness the downward spiral and ultimately the path to redemption, freedom from the bondage of addiction and forgiveness. As a film, it is well-produced and handled a difficult subject matter in a way that allows the overall message to shine through.

Cast includes:
Patrick Davis  – Victor Torres
Lisa Vidal – Lila Torres
José Zúñiga – Manuel Torres
Mason Davis – Ricky Torres
Josh Pence – Pastor Jimmy
Matt Marquez – Derek
Matt Angel – Danny
Haley Ramm – Sherry
Michael Trautmann – Matteo
Nick Eversman – Razor
Rick Gonzalez – Pablo
Shane Paul McGhie – Spike


Released: 3/24/17 (Limited Theatrical)

Running Time: 105 Minutes (GW Films in association with Spiral Films)

Rated Rated PG-13 for mature thematic material involving drug abuse, and some violence.

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