Written by: Lauren McLean (5/23/15)

After a good friend of mine, Christi invited me and my mom to her home church in Coats, North Carolina to see this band called Finding Favour, I was excited. I had never seen or heard of these guys before, so I was excited to see them for the first time. I had the opportunity of meeting the band afterwards and they were some of the sweetest men I had ever met. They have a fan for life. If you’re a fan of Christian and country music, then Finding Favour’s first full length album Reborn is the perfect fit for you.

“Refuge” and “I’ll Find You” are two of my favorites on this album. Both with the same message. The Creator of everything is there with us, by our side. He is our home, our comfort place. When we’re at our lowest point, that is where God will find us and strengthen us. I love how this band can take messages in the bible and break them down to something that a lot of us music lovers can take to heart and lean on. These guys go back to their country music roots with a few of these songs. I grew up listening to country music and still do listen to some. “Feels Like The First Time”, “Be Like You”, and “Tiny Town” talk about family, love, and small towns- typical country music, right? These guys have made me teary eyed with just these three songs. They bring back a lot of childhood memories for myself and hopefully some of yours too.

I’m sure you have heard “Cast My Cares” and “Say Amen” on your Christian radio station at some point now. We all worries and anxieties that we bottle up inside and stresses us out. But we give them all to God and leave Him with everything, He promises to take care of them and us. And we’ve all had moments in our day and even our life where we’ve had miracles happen or our prayers have been answered. In those moments all we want to do is just praise God. To me, those are the best moments we can have in our lives.

Finding Favour’s first full-length album Reborn is a great one, and one I believe that the young and old alike will love. These four men have worked so hard and have been through a lot recently with their families, and it shows throughout this album. Reborn is an album that can be likened to a prayer from the band members to each other, telling each other to lean on God (Proverbs 3:4-5) and remember the ones who really matter.

Released: June 23, 2015

Label: Gotee Records

Track Listing:

  1. Refuge 4:22
  2. I’ll Find You 3:27
  3. Cast My Cares 3:38
  4. Feels Like The First Time 3:34
  5. Be Like You 3:46
  6. Reborn 3:47
  7. Tiny Town 3:52
  8. Till Your Kingdom Comes 3:23
  9. On The Water 3:46
  10. Hallelujah One More Time (4:13)
  11. Say Amen (Reprise) (3:03)

11 Tracks, 40:45

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