Written by: Mercedes Rich (7/9/2021)

Brian and Christa Yak, professionally known as For The Fatherless just dropped their latest offering, an EP Poetry. To catch you up on who they are, Brian and Christa met in 2008 while studying at Belmont University. The story behind the group’s name goes back to Psalm 68:5 which says, “A Father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in His holy dwelling.” This EP comes following “Breakers and Billows”, a 2019 release. 

This new four-song set is an autobiographical EP that is marked by hope and vulnerability. Written by the duo and produced by Bryan Fowler (Tobymac, Gabby Barrett), this EP is sure to be one for the books. 

“Poetry”, the titular track, starts the EP off with a bang. The opening riff is powerful and stays in your mind. Christa’s vocals are clear and smooth throughout the song.  “Poetry” has a singer-songwriter style that is unrivaled. The way that the lyrics blend with the vocals and instruments is beautiful. This song delves into the topic that we are God’s poetry and how He writes our names like words on a page. 

“Never A Day”, is more of a faded entrance that leads into Brian’s solid vocals and snaps to keep the beat. This song is all about following God’s path and how He is always faithful. The instrumental part of this song sticks out to me the most. There is a gorgeous blend of guitar and drums that smoothly moves the track along. 

“Faithfully Mine” is the third track on the EP and almost immediately we hear Christa’s vocals. Yak’s vocals have more of that breathy tone throughout this song that lend themselves to the entire tone of the song. While the instruments stood out in “Never A Day”, the lyrics/vocals stick out the most here.

“Galaxies and governments are humbled in your mighty hands” is how track number four starts out. This song is a remix of a previously released song, “Immeasurably More”. While this is already released, the remix gives more of a full sound throughout the song and never loses power. 

Altogether, this EP is a special one. While there are some tracks that sound familiar, there is a uniqueness to the sound of these songs. The start of the album has more of a singer-songwriter style and through the course of the EP, which goes more into the realm of modern worship. For The Fatherless’ Poetry is a must have EP. For more information on For The Fatherless and their music, visit https://www.forthefatherlessmusic.com/.


Released: July 16, 2021

Label: Independent

Track Listing:

  1. Poetry (3:26)
  2. Never A Day (3:26)
  3. Faithfully Mine (3:23)
  4. Immeasurably More (Remix) (4:06)

4 Tracks, 14:21

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