Hillsong Young & Free ‘III’

///Hillsong Young & Free ‘III’

Hillsong Young & Free ‘III’

Written by: Kelly Meade (6/29/18)

As an offshoot of the Hillsong Church powerhouse of music makers and worship teams, Hillsong Young & Free offers a collection well-produced and meaningful tracks with their latest release III.

“Let Go” opens the album with a song about surrendering your life to Christ & choosing to follow Him realizing that when you allow Him to be your guide, you can truly live.

“First Love” is a prayer for rededication to God striving to keep Him as the cornerstone and first in all aspects of life.

“Heart of God” praises the vastness of God’s mercy, grace and kindness as He accepts us just as we are with open arms and a steadfast love.

“SELAH I” features a salvation message from Billy Graham before an honest prayer of repentance set to a simple piano melody.

“Jesus Loves Me” expands upon the traditional song as it recognizes the significance of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross & what His death and resurrection means in our lives.

“Hindsight” tells of trusting in God’s faithfulness in the midst of the unknown and trials that we face; remembering that He has never failed us and never will.

Closing track “Highs & Lows” reassures that no matter what, there is nowhere we can hide and no distance we can run away from God where He will not seek us out, nothing can take us from His hand.

With modern pop beats and lyric hooks, but also many reflective songs and message grounded in Biblical truths that appeals to all ages, Hillsong Young & Free III is an album that everyone can enjoy together.


Released: June 29, 2018

Label: Hillsong Church T/A Hillsong Music Australia, under exclusive license to Capitol Christian Music Group, Inc.

Track Listing:

  1. Let Go (3:50)
  2. Every Little Thing (3:24)
  3. Just Jesus (3:35)
  4. First Love (5:18)
  5. Heart of God (5:44)
  6. SELAH I (2:30)
  7. Jesus Loves Me (4:13)
  8. SELAH II (1:50)
  9. Days Gone By (3:48)
  10. How Deep Is the Love (5:24)
  11. Push / Pull (5:46)
  12. Love Won’t Let Me Down (3:27)
  13. More of You (3:36)
  14. Hindsight (3:38)
  15. P E A C E (3:58)
  16. SELAH III (Fruits of the Spirit) (3:17)
  17. Highs & Lows (5:54)

17 Tracks, 69:00

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