Written by: Lauren McLean (5/24/2015)

Ten years in the making, 24 songs for 24 hours, Jon Foreman has done it again. When Jon first started talking about his new set of EP’s that will be released over the course of this year, I got giddy with excitement! His song writing skills are like no other man I know. Jon thinks about the things and people of this world with more depth and passion, and takes everything to heart. The first EP Sunlight from the collection he’s calling The Wonderlands is truly wonderful. The melodies in these six songs are beautifully put together and set the perfect Jon Foreman vibe.

“The Mountain” is one of those tunes that you can listen to over and over again and not grow weary of it. It’s a fight song, with a softer tone. We all have troubles in our lives; relationships, friendships, work, family, illness, etc. We all have those moments where we want to “give up and give in” to these troubles, where we feel like we have already lost the war against them. But if we find the courage to stand up and face the mountains in our lives, they will move.

“You Don’t Know How Beautiful You Are” is one of those songs that makes you feel important and loved just by listening to it. As we are growing up, adults are telling us to be ourselves, then the world around us is trying to tell us to be something we are not. When you surrender to yourself and ask yourself who you really are, that’s when the real you is exposed. Don’t try to be like anyone in this world, just be you. Your flaws and scars make you for who you are. This song is like Jon telling you that you are beautiful just the way you are. The world may not see your true beauty, but he does.

The way Jon can write down his words, then put his words into music makes me wonder. How can one man write about things so deep, yet explain them out so simple with his guitar and voice. Jon has a beautiful gift with song writing, it’s rare to find someone like his in todays music industry. This being just the first of four of his new EP’s makes me think how wonderful the other three EP’s- Dawn, Shadows, and Darkness will be.

Released: May 26, 2015

Label: lowercase People Records

Track Listing:

  1. Terminal 5:09
  2. The Mountain 3:58
  3. You Don’t Know How Beautiful You Are 3:32
  4. Caroline 4:08
  5. Patron Saint of Rock and Roll 3:35
  6. All of God’s Children 4:26

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