Written by: Kelly Meade (7/5/2017)

Kevin Max is widely known for his unique sound and musical choices. Many listeners will recognize him as a former member of dcTalk & Audio Adrenaline as well as for previous solo projects. With the release of his latest EP, Serve Somebody, Kevin brings together hand-picked favorites that stretch across the boundaries of musical genres including covers from U2, The Call, Bob Dylan, Rich Mullins as well as a dcTalk song.

“Let The Day Begin” appropriately opens the EP with an upbeat rock anthem acknowledging the everyday heroes and people from all walks of life, calling for blessings on each of them.

U2’s “Pride (In The Name Of Love)” is a standout of the collection as Kevin’s vocals seem made to perform the classic song.

Originally recorded by the late Rich Mullins, this rendition of “Creed” is a bold declaration of faith in Christ set to a fresh sounding musical arrangement.

The collection’s title track, Bob Dylan’s “Serve Somebody” points out that no matter who you are, what choices you make and regardless of your social/financial status, you’re going to have to decide which master you serve whether it be God or the devil.

dcTalk’s “Red Letters” tells of the importance of the words of Jesus that are found within the Bible. Words that speak of love, truth, peace, hope & life-changing forgiveness.

With soaring melodies, outstanding vocals and lyrics that make you think as well as entertain, Serve Somebody is easy to listen to and is the kind of album that will have listeners pressing repeat.


Released: July 7, 2017

Label: SMLxL Studios

Track Listing:

  1. Let The Day Begin (4:01)
  2. Kyrie (4:07)
  3. Pride (In The Name Of Love) (3:48)
  4. Creed (4:37)
  5. Gotta Serve Somebody (Special Roll Mix) (5:30)
  6. Righteous Rocker (3:39)
  7. Red Letters (5:26)
  8. Gotta Serve Somebody (Rock Mix) (5:49)

8 Tracks, 37:00

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