Written by: Laura Chambers (6/13/2017)

There are many places where God’s name is not welcome, even reviled. Nevertheless, He has a way of entering these dark places whether the world likes it or not. With the aim of filling the world with music that bring glory to God and thereby God’s own presence, The Rock Worship releases God Will Reign, their second album with Dream Worship.

“Unstoppable” pictures the church as united in God and therefore a force to be reckoned with. The strength we operate in comes from something higher than worldly ability; His spirit filling us. Since God is clearly mentioned as being the One who builds us up, it turns what would otherwise seem to be a self-administered pat on the back into a moment to give Him all the credit. “My Life Is In You” acknowledges God as the only One who can meet our needs perfectly. Therefore, it is for this reason that to dwell in Him is to be desired above all. When we are with Him, we find, as the song says, “nothing to be afraid of in Your presence”. A plea for those holding back to surrender to God‘s will at the end leads us into “All”, which explains why and how we need to submit, performing that very act in the chorus. We stop trying to run our own lives and battling against what He wills, allowing Him to do what He will. Our praise and worship is an act of surrender, too. “We Will Arise” finds the telling and sharing of Jesus’ love and sacrifice as natural as allowing seeds to produce plants from the ground they are sown in. Empowered by His love, we proclaim Him to be the only God.

“God Will Reign” determines to praise God from the beginning of the day to the end, certain that people from all groups and languages will praise Him who shall rule all of them. The song also pleads for broken things to be repaired and hearts to turn back to the Lord. “Love Love Love” joyfully recounts the many awesome effects God’s love has had on our lives, without identifying the title catalyst until the chorus. “I Live To Worship You”  rejoices in being called out of darkness and into the light, where He leads us in a life far better than our old ways. Now our lives give Him glory in gratitude for His faithfulness, mercy, and love. “Matchless Name” tenderly cries out to Jesus, whose name is greater than any other. Inspiring submission and worship from those who love Him, He is the final authority over all things that may come against us. You can sense the power flowing through these worshippers from above; it shows in their confidence.

“Praise The Lord” entreats us to praise God for who He is and the gifts He has given us – freedom, love and forgiveness. This seems reminiscent of the praise and worship songs of forty or so years earlier. “I Let Go” abandons everything we’re meant to cast aside when we follow God, feeling the freedom as burdens are exchanged for hope and life, which are far more valuable. The utter relief experienced upon completion of this transaction is obvious. “You First Loved Me” returns Jesus’ love, expressing simply what He did to deserve such adoration. Not only has it become our reason for living, we continuously find ourselves falling even deeper in love with Him. This longest track on the album is drawn out by the leader, who encourages those present at the time of the recording to take a moment to worship. “Wonderful” closes in gratitude for God’s undeserved grace, immeasurable mercy, and provision. His love is truly amazing because it never fails us.

God Will Reign is a love letter from surrendered worshippers to the Lord. Through this latest album, the Rock Worship paints a well-rounded picture of a loving, sustaining, unlimited God who never forsakes His people.


Released: July 7, 2017

Label: Dream Worship

Track Listing:

  1. Unstoppable (5:23)
  2. My Life Is In You (5:58)
  3. All (3:40)
  4. We Will Arise (5:21)
  5. God Will Reign (4:52)
  6. Love Love Love (3:51)
  7. I Live To Worship You (4:54)
  8. Matchless Name (6:17)
  9. Praise The Lord (4:59)
  10. I Let Go (3:52)
  11. You First Loved Me (8:33)
  12. Wonderful (5:04)


12 Tracks, 63:00

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