Written by: Kelly Meade (05/03/2021)

Worship leader and songwriter Lincoln Brewster has become known for his guitar-driven tracks that showcase not only his skills as a musician but also his heart for the Lord. His latest release, ‘Perfect Love’, focuses on the unmatched love & grace found in a relationship with God.

“Move” sets the tone with an upbeat celebration of the many ways that God shows up in our lives; giving us an undeniable hope that He has the best plans for us.

“We All Need Jesus” tells of the universal gap that exists in everyone’s heart that can only be filled by our Savior, Jesus. No matter who you are, what you look like, your current status or past, He is the answer.

“Let Me Love You” plays as a message from our Heavenly Father reminding us that there isn’t anything we can do or place we can go that will make Him love us any less. All we have to do is accept His grace and bring every part of our heart & soul to Him.

“Have Your Way” declares a full surrender to God inviting Him to use our lives for His story. When we truly let go and allow Him work, only then will our fullest potential be realized.

Title track “Perfect Love” gives glory for the unfailing, ever-present love of God that will never leave us.

“O How Great” closes with a song of praise that encapsulates the album nicely.

Musically & vocally smooth, Lincoln Brewster delivers a solid praise & worship album. With strong themes throughout celebrating the love of our Savior and devotion we give Him in return, ‘Perfect Love’ will make a great addition to your playlists.


Released: April 30, 2021

Label: Integrity Music

Track Listing:

  1. Move (3:08)
  2. Nobody Like You (3:16)
  3. We All Need Jesus (3:00)
  4. Who Am I? (4:21)
  5. Let Me Love You (4:07)
  6. If Not For Christ (5:39)
  7. Have Your Way (3:52)
  8. Love Sweet Love (3:28)
  9. Surrender (My Heart Is Yours) (3:41)
  10. Perfect Love (4:12)
  11. O How Great (4:53)

11 Tracks, 43:30

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