Celebrates 27 Years Online with the Release of Songs We’ve Been Trying To Tell You About (And Others We Haven’t), Volume Twelve

The tenth entry of the popular compilation series features 52 FREE songs!

Bethlehem, PA (August 13, 2023) – This past weekend, Christian music media pioneers celebrated 27 years online since first launching in August, 1996. To celebrate, the long-running CCM site continued their recent tradition of releasing a brand new, FREE indie music sampler: Songs We’ve Been Trying To Tell You About (And Others We Haven’t), Volume Twelve.

“I’m so thankful we’re still at this almost 30 years now,” says founder John DiBiase. “It blows my mind, but in the ever-morphing, ever-evolving music industry (and economy!), I know it’s a miracle that JFH is still here and still going strong. I definitely don’t take it for granted. And I’m grateful for our entire staff and for each visitor who continues to keep tabs on us. Thank you!”

Click here to download the free 52-song indie sampler.

As an annual “thank you” to the site’s readers, and to help spotlight some of the best underground artists on the scene, Songs We’ve Been Trying To Tell You About (And Others We Haven’t), Volume Twelve released this past Sunday on the site’s anniversary and offers 52 songs that have released recently, along with a few that are making their debut here first.

The full, 52-song Songs We’ve Been Trying To Tell You About (And Others We Haven’t), Volume Twelve boasts new and familiar talent, including PEABOD, Rusty Shipp, Modern Temple, Grace Graber, Slow Coming Day, Showbread, The Undertaking!, Amanda Danziger, and many more.

Songs We’ve Been Trying To Tell You About, Vol. 12 track listing:

  1. Off & On (from “The Rocky Valentines EP”) – The Rocky Valentines (3:45)

  2. Better Than Nostalgia (Single) – Peabod (3:00)

  3. This One’s for You (Feat. Jason Dunn) [Single] – Grace Graber (3:01)

  4. Suga Suga (from “Letting You Loose”) – Modern Temple (3:02)

  5. We Bless You God (Single) – Zeal House (4:13)

  6. Babylon Boom (feat. Wingy Danejah & Alcott) (from “Still Standing”) – KJ-52 (3:02)

  7. New Skin (from “What You Don’t Know”) – Fepeste (5:07)

  8. Bury Me (from “A Single Spark”) – Charming to the Last (3:24)

  9. Living Waters (from “Dark Side of the Ocean”) – Rusty Shipp (4:04)

  10. Uncreated Light (from “No Creature Is Hidden”) – Former Ruins (4:37)

  11. How to Draw a Triangle (Single) – Kept On Hold (3:20)

  12. New Creation Gray (from “Accidental Days”) – Chase Tremaine (4:20)

  13. Take It And Run (from “Torch the Season”) – Generation Gone (3:01)

  14. Wasted (from “Wasted EP”) – Minor Rockstar (3:01)

  15. Sanbenito (from “Mirrorland”) – Hrada (3:58)

  16. Sleep (feat. Chase Tremaine) [Single] – Daniel David (3:46)

  17. Sweet and Deranged (Single) – Hello Luna (2:58)

  18. Truth Behind the Lies (from “The Lost Tapes”) – Slow Coming Day (3:37)

  19. No Big Deal (Single) – Cardboard Highway (4:45)

  20. Wild Waves (Single) – Leem of Earth (4:11)

  21. Hymn Sing (from “Lenten Songs”) – Kevin Schlereth (2:20)

  22. unless a seed (from “solstice”) – Schuyler Kitchin (2:35)

  23. Still Good (Single) – Nathan Oswalt (6:22)

  24. Beautiful (Single) – Amy Jay (3:50)

  25. Back to Earth (from “When a Heart Wakes Up”) – Adam Watts (3:56)

  26. Home Enough (for Now) [from “Home Enough for Now”] – Benjamin Daniel (3:54)

  27. Car’s Extended Warranty (from “Image and Dust EP”) – Pocketshot (3:26)

  28. Worry of Wages (feat. Jason Wisdom) [Single] – Poetic Descent (3:25)

  29. Escape (Single) – Classic Disaster (3:32)

  30. Reborn (from ” End of Ages”) – GODIA (4:19)

  31. False God (Single) – Pipe Bomb (2:29)

  32. Terrible Twos (Single) – Parental Petulance (2:10)

  33. Death Acquires A Different Meaning (from “Superstitions EP”) – The Undertaking! (3:24)

  34. The Curse Of Ymir (from “Retribution”) – Searching Serenity (3:02)

  35. Autosarcophagy and the Heat Death of the Universe (from “Our Fathers Were Models for God”) – Showbread (3:19)

  36. Deception (from “Color Me A Coward” EP) – Dreaded Dale (4:42)

  37. Burn Out (from “Birth Pains”) – xDOULOSx (3:24)

  38. Rooms (Single) – Rosemont (4:05)

  39. Yours for the Taking (Single) – Wind Words (6:15)

  40. Change Me (Single) – Rusty Vining (5:02)

  41. Winter Wars (Single) – Names Without Numbers (2:44)

  42. Liar Liar (from “Voices EP”) – The Jericho Harlot (5:09)

  43. Let This Go (from “Out of Isolation”) – Sam Hauge (2:50)

  44. Life Makes No Sense (Single) – Light the Way (3:47)

  45. Birds and Beasts (Single) – Mountain People Worship (4:51)

  46. Shooting Star (Single) – WILLET (3:53)

  47. Light of the World (from “Seal Upon My Heart”) – Terce. (4:17)

  48. Should We Fast (from “Zechariah”) – For Tuesday (2:48)

  49. For Such A Time As This (Single) – Amanda Nolan (3:43)

  50. Hold On (from “You Find Me EP”) – Melissa Fennell (4:41)

  51. Refining Fire (from “Seasons” EP) – Amanda Danziger (2:55)

  52. BONUS: O Little Town Of Bethlehem (from “Vintage Christmas Trio: melody”) – David Ian (4:34)

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