Written by: Laura Chambers (November 4, 2022)

Every season brings with it memories of good times and bad, the places we’ve been and the lessons we learned. Each track on Amanda Danziger’s Seasons evokes the different emotions, sounds, and imagery associated with their respective times of year, while delivering a window into the character of God. The instrumental opener track, “Seasons”, breathes life into the album, as though we were waking up to the realization that time is passing, swiftly and surely. The sound of a ticking clock accentuates this realization.

“Vindicate” reminds us that the barren emptiness of winter will not last forever. If we look to the Lord, He will guide us through the frigid darkness towards His light. When we long for God, He can permeate the night and sustain us throughout our slumber. The song is soft and breathy, like a whistling wind blowing through the cracks in the wall and under the doorway.

“Prison Walls” declares our release from spiritual jail when we sing God’s praises. Danziger uses the
imagery of deliverance from literal captivity to express the joy of being unchained from death and shame. Much like winter releases its grip on the world and gives way to new life in the spring (although there aren’t references to leaves and flowers).The crashing sounds in the background impart energy and movement to the song, as though something dynamic is happening.

“Refining Fire” asks Jesus to burn away the impurities from our hearts and light them ablaze for Him. No lazy marshmallow-roasting fires here, just the all-consuming flame that leaves nothing behind that is not holy. The song is enhanced by the sounds of a crackling, popping campfire, steadily licking away at wood.

“Be Still” softly whispers like the rustling of leaves, quoting Psalms 23 and 46. Like the hush of a crisp autumn morning, the first cold day of the year, Danziger reminds us to slow down and be aware of God’s goodness. The clock motif returns, circling around to where we began.

As long as we are mindful of God, we can weather any storm, remain centered in joy and in pain.
Seasons reminds us that God is a God for all seasons, constant and faithful, loving and good.


Released: November 4, 2022

Label: Integrity Music

Track Listing:

  1. Seasons (1:20)
  2. Vindicate (3:59)
  3. Prison Walls (4:14)
  4. Refining Fire (2:55)
  5. Be Still (3:52)

5 Tracks, 16:00

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