Austin & Lindsey Adamec ‘Self-Titled’

///Austin & Lindsey Adamec ‘Self-Titled’

Written by: Laura Chambers (3/9/2016)

What can you do when it seems that the very thing which brought you together is now pulling you apart? Well, if you’re Austin and Lindsey Adamec, you put out an EP about it. The once solo artist and his wife, formerly of 1 Girl Nation, release a short collection of songs focusing on clinging to Jesus’ promises of sufficient grace and unlikely miracles.

Our inability to see anything but our troubles is discussed in “Walk On Waves”. Though we may be blinded by pain and fear, Jesus wants us to discard our doubts and trust Him completely.  We can put our faith in Him even when evidence to the contrary all but drowns out His voice.  “It Is Finished” silences every scrap of evidence of our continuing shame. We don’t have to do anything more to earn favour from God.  The joy and relief these three words bring really comes through in the Adamec’s voices.  “Maker Of Miracles”, taking its inspiration from Psalm 77:14 (“You are the God who performs miracles; you display your power among the peoples” (NIV)), began as a wish but became a victory song after Lindsey’s father was miraculously healed of a lung tumor.  Instead of surrendering to the enemy’s plans, we can believe in God to restore everything we lose and defeat darkness through the cross.

“Lost In You” revels in the presence of God, contentedly allowing Him to carry us away on waves of peace.  Being anywhere else is undesirable once you’ve tasted of God’s goodness. A sweet track that perfectly expresses peaceful communion with God.  “Infinite Grace” rejoices in the restoration that Jesus’ blood brings to us, an indelible mark that cannot be removed by sin or time or any power.  Grace is what remains after everything else is gone.  The couple’s voices blend together beautifully in this stirring reminder of Jesus’ selflessness. “Oh Liberty” closes out this EP with an ode to freedom in Jesus. We have been loosed from all our bindings through His atonement. We don’t have to worry about our destiny because we will always belong to Him.

As difficult as it may be to maintain a relationship amidst conflicting schedules and spiritual turmoil, Austin and Lindsey Adamec are on the right track. Their self-titled EP perfectly captures their decision to make their marriage a threefold cord, with Jesus ever in the brilliant center.

Released: March 25, 2016

Label: Radiate Music

Track Listing:

  1. Walk On Waves (3:57)
  2. It Is Finished (4:31)
  3. Maker Of Miracles (5:09)
  4. Lost In You (4:02)
  5. Infinite Grace (4:42)

5 Tracks, 22:21

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