John Cooper’s Second Book, Wimpy, Weak and Woke, Lands at #1 On Multiple Charts in First Week

Press Coverage Widespread for Self-Published “Wimpy Weak and Woke” 

The follow-up to his bestselling debut, “Awake & Alive,” book profiles “how truth can save America from Utopian destruction”

Nashville, TN….November 21, 2023 – John Cooperlead-singer of 17x platinum rock band Skillet, author of best-selling book “Awake & Alive to Truth,” and host of the popular Cooper Stuff podcast, released his second book last week, which immediately hit No. 1 on multiple Amazon Kindle sales charts, including General Sociology of Race Relations, Christian Liberation Theology and Sociology of Race Relations. “WIMPY, WEAK AND WOKE,” which proclaims how “truth can save us from Utopian destruction,” and has been heralded for it’s “critical and timely message,” (Kirk Cameron), as a “brash invitation to anchor our lives to Biblical truth,” (Adam Holz, Focus on the Family), and Cooper as a “heroic truth teller,” by Eric Metaxas.

Cooper spoke exclusively with FOX News personality Brian Kilmeade to announce the book earlier this fall, as well as on his radio show today, and is scheduled to appear on his FOX News prime time program, ONE NATION, this Saturday.

Press hits for the page-turner has been widespread and diversified across mainstream and Christian media, including The Daily Caller, CBN NewsChurch LeadersGet Real with Caroline HobbyJust The NewsThe Eric Metaxas showNEWSMAX show American AgendaThe Washington TimesKirk Cameron’s “Takeaways” on TBNWashington Watch and much more. Upcoming coverage includes The 700 Club, CBN Studio 5, Relatable podcast with Allie Beth Stuckey, The Eric Metaxas Show, Unashamed podcast with Phil and Jase Robertson, and the Line of Fire podcast with Dr. Michael Brown.

While in New York today, Cooper also stopped by Eric Metaxas’ studio to chat and also joined NEWSMAX live for their “American Agenda” program. 

If you don’t understand why the world is changing so quickly, then you absolutely must read this book,” comments Cooper. “With each passing day, the world gets crazier and this book becomes more relevant. The book title and synopsis alone have clearly struck a nerve, as I’ve received an unprecedented level of vitriol and slander. Some want to hide their heads in the sand, pretending that things aren’t that bad. Many think that the most Christian thing to do is not speak about the rising tide of evil because it may offend someone. Others are cheering on the civilizational collapse and in fact believe it to be a positive revolution towards justice. But one thing is for sure. We are on the verge of the end of America and the West as we have known it. The future of our country and our faith hangs in the balance. We must stand up and speak out!”

Cooper’s debut, best-selling book, “Awake & Alive to Truth,” has had over 10 printings and won the Book Impact Award at the 2021 K-LOVE FAN AWARDS. His podcast, Cooper Stuff, continues to grow rapidly as well with over four million downloads and more than two million YouTube views. About John L. Cooper: 

John Cooper is the lead vocalist, bassist, and songwriter/producer for Skillet, one of the best-selling rock bands of at the 21st century. The two-time Grammy-award nominated, 17X platinum band was inducted to Pandora’s Billionaire club after garnering 2 billion streams, took home a Billboard music Award and more. Their breakout single “Monster” remains “one of the most-streamed rock songs of all time.” John and his wife Korey have toured together all of their 26 years of marriage, along with their two children. They are passionate about sharing the truth of Christ to the world through music (latest project DOMINION: Day of Destiny), the popular Cooper Stuff Podcast (4.3M+ DL, 2M+ YouTube views), two Skillet graphic novels, Cooper’s best-selling book (50k+), Awake & Alive to Truth, and his brand new book “WIMPY, WEAK AND WOKE.” 

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