Written by: Kelly Meade

Singer/songwriter Jason Gray’s full-length album, Land Of The Living, released November 17th featuring a collection of songs that encourage, inspire and challenge listeners on their faith journeys with Jason’s signature storytelling style.

“When I Say Yes” kicks off the album with an anthem that reminds us of what is possible when we surrender control and say “yes” to God’s prompting and calling; allowing Him to work in and through us to make an impact not only in our lives but the world around us as well.

“When I Grow Up” embraces childlike faith as the lyrics aspire to see our relationship with God as an adventure with the curiosity, trust and hope that we had as a kid or when our faith was new to us.

“Questions” tackles the topic of wrestling with feelings of doubt, trying to do things on our own and wondering “why” when faced with the unknown and struggles that life often brings. We can trust that God is able to handle what seems like the hardest questions and biggest emotions we bring to Him.

“Jesus Loves You (And I’m Trying)” takes an honest look at how we react when we become the subject of someone’s rudeness or ridicule whether online or in person. Will we lead with our initial response or pause to take a moment and consider where the other person may be coming from and try to put the words of Matthew 22:39 into action by showing love?

“Be Kind” reminds us to keep in mind that we all are dealing with different problems and emotions that can affect us in numerous ways causing us to lash out or simply not be ourselves as a result of carrying the weight. It doesn’t cost anything or take much effort on our side to offer someone a smile or encouraging word that has the potential to turn their day around.

Title track “Land Of The Living” is definitely a favorite of mine as it recounts evidence of God’s faithfulness in our lives. Even when we think He is distant from our situation, we can think back to all of the times He has carried us through, provided and shown us that His timing and plan is perfect.

“Hold On To Hope” is another highlight on this album for me and one of the songs I’ve found myself listening to quite often. No matter how dark the night seems and how heavy the weight you feel dragging you down, there is still hope to be found.

“Worth Staying For” is the most personal song on this project and one of the most personal Jason has ever recorded as he shares part of his own life story within the lyrics. Many of us have questioned our worth and reason for being here at some point whether it’s because of broken relationships, feeling abandoned, thinking we’ve let everyone around us down, losing sight of our purpose or all of the above. When we remember our true identity as a child of God, we can trust that He will never leave us alone in our pain and He will always keep His promises as He guides us through the more difficult times.

“Place For Me” closes the album with a song that paints a picture of what the family of God should look like knowing that we are welcomed as we are and that our Heavenly Father is willing to forgive when we come to Him and find new life living for Him.

From start to finish, Land Of The Living offers honest songs about life, faith and how the two go hand in hand when it comes to the choices and direction we take. With an eclectic mix of musical influences throughout, Jason’s smooth vocal performance conveys the messages within each track in a way that invites listeners into the story. Themes of empathy, grace, forgiveness and showing God’s love and kindness to those around us make this a very timely album that is a must listen!


Released: November 17, 2023

Label: Centricity Music

Track Listing:

  1. When I Say Yes (3:17)
  2. When I Grow Up (2:53)
  3. Questions (3:07)
  4. Jesus Loves You (And I’m Trying) (3:16)
  5. Be Kind (3:38)
  6. If You Don’t Move (3:30)
  7. Land Of The Living (3:24)
  8. Hold On To Hope (3:04)
  9. Worth Staying For (4:30)
  10. Good Man (3:49)
  11. See As You See (2:52)
  12. Place For Me (2:51)

12 Tracks, 40:00

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