Written by: Kelly Meade (08/30/2017)

The road of life is filled with unexpected curves to keep us on our toes and bumps along the way that try our resilience. We’re never told it will be easy, but when we place our trust in God to guide us, He promises to be the map leading His children to their destination.

With the memoir Hurt Road, author Mark Lee takes readers on a journey as he shares stories about his childhood in Georgia and the important role that music has played in his life. He reveals the questions he had and the search for answers that lead to fully embracing the faith he’d grown up with. We also learn about Mark surviving being hit by a truck as a teen & the recovery thereafter, as well as coping with the loss of his father at a young age, which put his faith to the ultimate test.

As a founding member of Third Day, Mark has been performing with the band for more than 25 years. They continue to inspire countless listeners with songs of worship and lyrics that depict the real life struggles that many of us face. Similar to the music he has been a part of recording throughout his career, Mark intertwined a message of hope, placing trust in the Lord and giving Him the glory while being open about the road that brought him to where he is.

In addition to the glimpses into Mark’s younger years, we discover the early beginnings of Third Day, his first meeting with fellow band members Mac Powell, David Carr & Tai Anderson. Mark also tells how God used the power of music to bring him closer to the Lord, the calling to be a musician that God placed in Mark’s life and later being able to put that talent to use as a vehicle for sharing the gospel.

Reading the book felt like sitting down for a conversation with a friend as it was written in a very relatable fashion. I especially liked how Mark used the term “landmark” to represent certain events or big moments that take place. No matter where our personal story takes us, we can use these milestones and memories to find our way back to what matters and direct our steps further towards God’s will.

Overall, the book pulls you in and offers timely encouragement for anyone who may be struggling with questions about their faith, the will of God in their lives and to those who have been shaken by traumatic experiences that left them feeling lost and searching for peace as they travel down their own version of Hurt Road.


Released: September 5, 2017

Publisher: Baker Publishing Company

Genre: Memoir

Pages: 224

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