Written by: Kelly Meade June 2024

Jeremy Rosado first started gaining recognition through his time on season 11 of American Idol back in 2012 where his voice and story left a lasting impact while many more discovered him as a contestant on The Voice in 2021. Through it all, Jeremy has never been afraid to share his faith and the many ways God has worked in his life and the lives of his family. After several independent projects, he signed with Capitol Christian Music Group in 2022 and has continued writing new music and releasing singles to streaming platforms. For those who have the chance to make it out to a live concert this summer and beyond, you can purchase a physical CD of the Still God EP featuring the four most recent songs released.

“Still God” is an anthem (and a personal favorite) of God’s faithfulness declaring the truths about Who He is and always will be. With Him, we have the assurance that we are never alone in our darkest times and He will carry us through to a better tomorrow.

Radio single “Come And See” tells of the life-changing power found in a relationship with our Creator when we choose to accept Him into our heart and live for Him. As we place our trust in Him, He will show up and transform us from the inside out.

“Nothing” brings to mind the words of Romans 8:39 as the lyrics beautifully & boldly proclaim that nothing can separate us from Jesus. No matter what we do or have done, there’s forgiveness, grace and peace to be found in the unconditional love of our Savior.

The major label debut single “Believe You Will” closes the EP stating a steadfast belief in God’s promises knowing He will keep His word to those who love Him. My favorite lyric on this track, “every tear I’ve cried just waters the garden, oh I know it will be worth the harvest” offers a unique perspective in that everything we go through we truly will grow through and it will be used for a greater purpose than we may be able to see.

Having followed Jeremy’s career since his days on American Idol, it has been awesome to see how he’s grown as an artist with his voice becoming even stronger and the way God has brought him through life experiences allowing songs like those found on this EP, along with many others, to be written and shared with listeners now. Jeremy’s musical journey is one that reflects God’s perfect timing and plan with faith that has grown deeper as well as an encouraging message of hope and never giving up on the promises of our Heavenly Father. This is just a taste of what is yet to come as more new music is on the way from this talented artist! Be sure to visit iamjeremyrosado.com to check out his tour dates for the rest of the summer and the recently announced fall 2024 tour where Jeremy will be joining Colton Dixon and Austin French on the road and get out to a show near you to hear these powerful songs in person and pick up your own copy of the Still God EP.


Released: Spring 2024

Label: Sparrow Records/Capitol Christian Music Group

Track Listing:

  1. Still God (3:32)
  2. Come And See (3:20)
  3. Nothing (3:13)
  4. Believe You Will (3:24)

4 Tracks, 13:00

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