Featured Article – Be Still and Know That I Am God

Be Still and Know That I Am God... Powerful and comforting words to hear in these trying times, wouldn’t you agree?  I wonder sometimes if people really sit back and meditate on those words found in Psalm 46:10?  Is it that the world around us is so tumultuous at times, that [...]

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Feature Article: Kanye Surprised Us All

Written by: Liz Haveman Writing about the new album by Kanye West, “Jesus is King,” is a tricky thing in today’s Christian world. As soon as this work hit the shelves, Christians were immediately divided into two camps. “He’s lying”, or “Welcome new brother”! The evolution of Kanye as a [...]

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Blog “When Is It Time To Hang It Up?”

Losing a vital or founding member of any band begs the question, “When is it time to retire the band?” Let’s look at the groups who have made changes and how it’s worked out for them and one that is still somewhat undetermined. The Newsboys Perhaps one [...]

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