Written by: Kelly Meade (04/30/23)

Having followed Colton Dixon’s career since his American Idol days, it has been awesome to watch his talent, faith and heart for uplifting fellow believers in their walk with God grow over the past decade. His latest release, Canvas, adds another solid chapter to Colton’s story as an artist that continues to become more impactful with time.

The EP’s lead single, “Build A Boat”, has certainly been a favorite of many with its message of standing firm in your faith and trusting God in the unknown. Even when we can’t see the answer or even a clear direction at the moment, we have the assurance that we are not alone and God will gently guide us through.

“My Light” expands upon the truth in Psalm 119:105 as it tells of choosing to believe that our Heavenly Father will be faithful to His promises and continue to be a lamp to our feet and light to our paths.

The project’s title track, “Canvas”, acknowledges the fact that God is the ultimate Creator and Artist of our lives. When we surrender, allowing Him to use and shape us, we will become a true Masterpiece.

“Hold on to Hope” encourages us to hold on through the hard times as we remember that our Savior will never leave our side. In Him we have hope that has already overcome and will never die.

“Unbreakable” is an anthem that brings to mind the imagery of putting on the full armor of God found in Ephesians 6:10-18 as well as the words of Philippians 4:13 in that we have confidence our strength & ability to stand strong in every storm is rooted in faith and a deep relationship with God.

The EP closes with an additional version of “Build A Boat” featuring guest vocals by country artist Gabby Barrett.

Though it may only be 7 songs, Canvas brings powerful messages of faith, trust and hope anchored in our Heavenly Father. Colton Dixon’s strong vocals and music that captures your attention combined with the encouragement within each track make this collection a must listen!


Released: April 28, 2023

Label: Atlantic Recording Corporation

Track Listing:

1. Build A Boat (2:50)
2. My Light (2:27)
3. Giants (3:06)
4. Canvas (3:31)
5. Hold Onto Hope (2:26)
6. Unbreakable (3:17)
7. Build A Boat (feat. Gabby Barrett) (2:50)

7 Tracks, 20:00

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