Consumed By Fire ‘Giving Over’

///Consumed By Fire ‘Giving Over’

Consumed By Fire ‘Giving Over’

Written by: Kelly Meade (3/25/2016)

Consumed By Fire is a talented trio made up of brothers Caleb, Jordan & Jeremiah Ward. Drawing their name from the Jeremiah 20:9 verse about how God’s word consumes like a fire within that you just can’t help but share, the band strives to spread the gospel in all aspects of their life. With the release of their Inpop records debut, Giving Over, the band brings a collection of songs featuring an eclectic mix of musical influences coming together to form a sound that’s all their own.

Lead track, “Lean On Me”, sets the tone for the album echoing the message Jesus gave to His followers in Matthew 12:31 to “love your neighbor as yourself.” It is important to be there for each other, not only as prayer warriors for them, but also physically whether as a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear or to help them through tough times in addition to celebrating the blessings they’ve received.

“He Waits For Me” reminds us of the importance of spending time alone with God. When the stress and busyness of life in this world begin to take over our lives, we need to make quiet time with Him a priority to give us clarity, peace of mind & spiritual renewal.

“Follow Your Heart” encourages the listener to continue pursuing God. The journey of faith isn’t always an easy one, but if God is in the center of our hearts and lives, when we keep our eyes on Him and remember His promise to never leave us, we can trust that His grace will guide us.

The title track, “Giving Over”, tells of someone who has chosen to put their faith in the Lord. Giving their burdens over and resting in the open & waiting arms of the Savior.

“Crossroads” closes the album with the story of someone facing a test of faith. In the middle of uncertainty, they choose to trust that God will be there through it all seeing them to the other side.

This song is special to the brothers as it was written by their father when the boys were younger when he was given a medical diagnosis thought to be terminal. However, by God’s grace, their father is still alive today.

The raw creativity displayed throughout Giving Over pulls listeners in with a unique musicality that provides a lively backdrop for the stories & message within the lyrics of the songs. Faithfulness, hope, grace & love for your fellow man are recurring themes that make this a welcome addition to any playlist.

Released: March 25, 2016

Label: Inpop Records

Track Listing:

  1. Lean on Me (2:58)
  2. Thorns and Sorrows (3:28)
  3. He Waits for Me (4:22)
  4. Learning to Love (2:58)
  5. Follow your Heart (3:17)
  6. Moving on (4:27)
  7. Walk Through the Fire (3:19)
  8. Hold the Rain (3:54)
  9. You and Me (3:49)
  10. Giving Over (4:00)
  11. Crossroads (5:08)

11 tracks, 42:00

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