David Dunn ‘Yellow Balloons’

///David Dunn ‘Yellow Balloons’

David Dunn ‘Yellow Balloons’

Written by: Brian Hunter (2/17/2017)

Yellow Balloons is the next venture for the very talented Texas Tech graduated David Dunn. This 10-track album is filled with talent, humbleness and great emotion.  David truly shines in this album, which really gives an insight to his true soul and love for God.

The first track “Kingdom” sets the tone for the album. David’s rich modern vocals reassure that this album will be a solid listen. The best way to describe David would be a mix of Michael Buble and Ed Sheeran. David has that amount of talent and yet chooses to sing solely for God. “Kingdom” talks just about that basically saying how lucky and blessed we are to live for God’s Kingdom.

“Open Arms” follows with a voice of redemption and healing. David writes that no matter what has happened or what has been done that Christ will be there with Open Arms welcoming you home.

David continues with the grace and redemption theme with the song “I Don’t Have to Worry.” It’s so easy for us to take what we have for granted and this song reminds the true sacrifice of God and what was truly given to us.

Throughout the album it is easy to hear the excellent produced album with epic vocals. David’s blessed talent is on par with any mainstream artist singing today.

The first single “I Wanna Go Back” takes us back to elementary school with a spin on the classic song “Jesus Loves Me.” I find this song to be very creative and catchy and no surprise being the first single for the album.

Another clever track is “Vacation.” I mean come on who doesn’t like to go on vacation. This track discusses how important it is to just take a vacation of sorts and be with God away from the troubles of life.

The last song and title track “Yellow Balloons” is a very emotional and powerful song. David discusses in this track the sudden loss of his two-year-old niece. David wanted the song to end with an explanation for why God would take such a beautiful young child, but decided to leave it unanswered in the song. You hear the pure emotion in this song giving the listener Goosebumps.

Overall this album is a great listen throughout giving a fun modern pop sound plus some true raw emotion. I recommended picking up a copy and sharing with friends. David has a beautiful voice that God has blessed all of us to hear.


Released: February 17, 2017

Label: BEC Recordings

Track Listing:

  1. Kingdom (3:06)
  2. Open Arms (3:48)
  3. Grace Will Lead Me Home (4:10)
  4. I Don’t Have to Worry (3:17)
  5. I Wanna Go Back (3:50)
  6. Ruins (3:05)
  7. History (3:11)
  8. Masterpiece (3:37)
  9. Vacation (5:59)
  10. Yellow Balloons (3:49)

10 Tracks, 37:52

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