Written by: Kelly Meade (11/11/23)

The Nativity story is one that has been told for generations with several films and yearly stage productions depicting the birth of Jesus and the glory of Christmas.

Journey To Bethlehem is a film that indeed takes viewers on a journey as it explores the familiar characters of Joseph, Mary, King Herod & the three wise men and more as they prepare to welcome Jesus into the world. This musical take on such a pivotal point in human history features beautiful cinematography and new, original songs along with a few classic Christmas hymns bringing light, joy, hope and even laughter into this holiday season as we celebrate our Savior.

While watching, I was glad to see that Journey To Bethlehem holds true to the biblical account of Jesus’ birth and the creative liberties taken with the characters allow us as viewers to imagine what their emotions and thought process may have been like through these life-changing events as they leaned into their faith in God and some discovered theirs for the first time.

Overall, Journey To Bethlehem is an enjoyable film that will become a classic for many. Now playing in theaters, we highly encourage you to visit https://www.journeytobethlehemmovie.com/ to find theaters and showtimes in your area to experience it on the big screen!

Watch the trailer here:

Cast Includes:
Fiona Palomo as Mary
Milo Manheim as Joseph
Antonio Banderas as Herod
Joel Smallbone as Antipater
Lecrae as Gabriel


Released: 11/10/23 (Theatrically)

Running Time: 98 Minutes (Affirm Films)

RatedĀ PG for thematic elements

Links for Journey To Bethlehem:

Official Site