Written by: Kelly Meade (05/20/23)

Life is full of surprises. From unexpected blessings to tragedies no one could have anticipated, they shape who we are through the choices we make when faced with events we must navigate through.

Learning To Love tells of finding hope, joy and purpose again after a season of grief & disappointment.

Steph is an outgoing woman looking for a fresh start in life. After moving to a new city, she interviews for a new job & meets Mr. Harry Carlton; whom she believes is hiring at an ad agency. When she discovers Harry is actually searching for a live-in teacher for his two young daughters, Steph – who happens to be a former teacher – initially turns the job down and attempts to salvage the interview for the position she was originally seeking.

When events lead her back to Harry’s office, Steph reluctantly accepts his offer and visits the Carlton home where she is introduced to Harry’s daughters, Rosa & Bella. The girls are skeptical of Steph’s presence, until she breaks the ice and finds a common bond; developing a teaching style that captures Rosa & Bella’s attention throughout their lessons. Steph also inspires & influences the family with her faith as they have grown distant from God since the passing of Harry’s wife.

With time, a relationship begins to blossom between Harry & Steph as they learn more about each other’s stories; both having gone through difficult losses and setbacks. Bella & Rosa struggle to accept this and act out, causing Steph to lose her job. After a conversation with his daughters, Harry realizes the reason behind their behavior and each member of the family realizes how much of an impact Steph made on them. As explanations and apologies are shared, a deeper, more meaningful connection forms between the family and Steph as they build a solid foundation for their future.

Learning To Love carries a message of forgiveness, the importance of honesty and that you’re never too lost for God to rekindle your faith. Now streaming on Pure Flix, this film is one that will ultimately encourage viewers with its heartwarming story.

Cast includes:

Ina Barrón as Steph
Philip Boyd as Harry Carlton
Caroline Sky as Rosa
Zoe Willis as Bella

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Released: 05/12/23 (Streaming on Pure Flix)

Running Time: 90 Minutes (Sunshine Films Florida LLC)

Rated NR

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