Written by: Kelly Meade (04/01/24)

Faith, love, loss and grief are themes that flow throughout our life journey and sometimes we experience all at once. Managing the emotions that surround each can take its toll, but keeping the smallest spark of hope alive can guide you to unexpected blessings. Such is the story told in the film Someone Like You as we see the characters go through some of life’s most difficult events.

London Quinn & Dawson Gage share a deep friendship that many only dream of having. Over the years, Dawson has been welcomed into the Quinn family as one of their own. Dawson shares his faith journey & church experience with London whose faith has wavered with time and disappointment, though she is still open to the possibility of rediscovering a personal relationship with God.

When a tragic accident takes London’s life, her family & Dawson are left to pick up the pieces and move forward without her. With faith being tested and emotions running high, London’s parents reveal to Dawson that there’s a possibility London has a sibling somewhere and Dawson sets out to find them.

Andi Allen’s life is filled with optimism & opportunity as she pursues her dream job. With a stable home environment as the daughter of a husband & wife duo who are doctors, a younger sister as well as an engagement on the horizon, Andi appears to have everything going for her. Through several avenues of research, Dawson discovers that Andi is London’s sister and when they meet, he sees the resemblance to his best friend immediately. Dawson shares that he has information about Andi’s biological family, however, this is news to Andi who was never told how her family was able to have her.

With Dawson’s contact information, Andi becomes determined to meet the Quinn family and once she arrives in their town, she is welcomed into their home and learns much more about where she came from as well as London’s story. Andi’s strong relationship with God helps her navigate through this new chapter as she feels a strong connection to her biological family while struggling to understand why her adopted family never told her the truth. After a conversation with her biological mother, Andi begins to process how to reconnect with the family who raised her.

Based on the bestselling Karen Kingsbury novel of the same name, Someone Like You is an inspirational, heartfelt film that many viewers will be able to relate to in some way. Now playing nationwide, visit https://www.someonelikeyou.movie/ for more information, theaters & showtimes near you!


Cast includes:
Sarah Fisher as London Quinn/Andi Allen
Jake Allyn as Dawson Gage
Lynn Collins as Louise Quinn
Scott Reeves as Larry Quinn
Robyn Lively as Dr. Jenny Allen
Bart Johnson as Dr. Jim Allen

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Released: 04/02/24 (Theatrically)

Running Time: 118 Minutes (Karen Kingsbury Productions)

Rated PG (for thematic material)

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