Written by: Kelly Meade (4/24/2024)

The music of for King & Country and Rebecca St. James is known to thousands around the world, but few know the story of the Smallbone family and all they endured to get to where they are. Unsung Hero sets out to share that story as it tells of the trials they faced and the faith that carried them through the most difficult times.

The family’s patriarch, David Smallbone made a name for himself in Australia as a successful concert promoter until the crowds became smaller and smaller causing everyone involved to lose more financially than they gained. With six children and wife Helen announcing number seven was on the way, worries over how to provide for their growing family weighed heavily on David’s mind.

When an offer comes to pursue his career further in the United States, David moves Helen & the kids to a new country in hopes of a fresh start. Upon their arrival, the family soon discovers that things are not going as planned. Helen is especially determined to not let the children become discouraged through the massive changes taking place as she does the best with what they have to provide and helps the kids view this new life as an adventure in an effort to keep their faith, wonder and hope alive.

We see the Smallbone family encounter many challenges – financially, grieving through losses, health struggles as well as questions of faith and purpose. We also witness the provision, grace and protection of God’s hand working in mighty ways as the doors begin to open for the family to start building their life in the US. Their local church, neighbors and few friends made in the music industry become vessels of God’s love that He uses to show Himself trustworthy.

Faith, family and music are the threads that bind them together as Unsung Hero follows the Smallbone’s from mountain to valley and back again. The constant love and support provided by Helen Smallbone, the vision and determination of David Smallbone and the kindness shown by other key characters are values to admire. As a music fan in general, I loved seeing how the early stages of Rebecca’s as well as Joel and Luke’s talents started to blossom. It was also interesting to learn how each of the Smallbone siblings became and remain involved with different aspects of the entertainment industry; all the while staying a close-knit family.

Whether you are a longtime fan of Rebecca or for King & Country or a curious movie goer, Unsung Hero holds something for everyone to not only enjoy, but to be inspired by as you watch. Visit https://unsunghero.movie/ for theaters, showtimes, tickets and more information about the film.

Cast includes:

Joel Smallbone as David Smallbone

Daisy Betts as Helen Smallbone

Kirrilee Berger as Rebecca Smallbone

Diesel La Torraca as Joel Smallbone

JJ Pantano as Luke Smallbone

Lucas Black as Jed Albright

Candace Cameron Bure as Kay Albright

Terry O’Quinn as Grandpa James

Roslyn Gentle as Nana Smallbone

Hillary Scott as Luanne Meece

Jonathan Jackson as Eddie Degarmo


Released: 4/26/2024 (Theatrical)

Running Time: 112 Minutes (Kingdom Story Co.)

Rated PG for thematic moments

Links for Unsung Hero:

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