New Single Comes from the Band’s Upcoming 2024 Album ‘Fly Again’

DECEMBER 8, 2023 – Orlando, FL –  Florida rock band Big Dismal – consisting of vocalist, Eric Durrance; guitarist, Chuck Shea; bass guitarist, Gary Sobel and drummer, Corey Lane – dropped new music earlier this year after a nearly 20-year hiatus with the single, “Fly Again”, along with an updated acoustic version of their #1 hit song, “Rainy Day”, leaving long-time fans wondering, “Is this the return of Big Dismal?”  Indeed, it is.

Today, the band releases the second single from the upcoming album, an absolute rocker full of hope called, “Stay In The Fight”.  Lyrics to the song were penned by vocalist, Eric Durrance who says “I’ve always written songs from the heart. Never a set title, just whatever I was going through or feeling at the time.” He continues to say, “Stay In The Fight” was inspired by the loss of my son to suicide. It’s what I wish so desperately I could’ve said to him. Now that he’s gone all I can do is use my situation to try and reach others before it’s too late. My hope and dream for the song is that it reaches those who need it the most. That it may save lives.”

Guitarist Chuck Shea says of the song, “We really wanted to turn up the rock side of Big Dismal this time around.” The catchy, heavy rock sound of the song was also emphasized by bass guitarist Gary Sobel, who added “We have the players born to do this stuff. It’s in our blood. Most importantly, keeping a strong sense of melody so it gets stuck in your head, and you can’t get it out.” Drummer Corey Lanes says, “[the song] represents a more robust and dynamic side of our musical identity. It’s a powerful anthem that encourages listeners to confront challenges head-on and find strength in adversity.

“Stay In The Fight” not only gives fans a glimpse into the next chapter of the band, but more importantly offers them a powerful message that transcends the music itself.  It can offer encouragement. Hope. Peace. Durrance adds, “I believe as humans we all have things in common. We all feel happiness and sadness. We all win, we all lose. Like many, God gave me gift to put feelings into words. It has always amazed me the way the music seems to reach those who need to hear it the most.”

While the new single, going for adds on radio now, puts an exciting cap on a busy 2023 for the band, 2024 promises to be even bigger with plans to not only release the new album, Fly Again, but to also go out and tour and play shows in support of it.  Shea adds, “We are really looking forward to getting back out there and playing live. To have the chance to play these new songs along with the hits from Believe is going to be incredible.  To be onstage with my brothers is what it’s all about!”

Check out “Stay In The Fight” now by visiting https://bit.ly/3t0Dsa6 and keep up with Big Dismal and get all the latest news and updates by checking them out on their website as well as following them on social media here.

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Courtesy of Today’s Christian Entertainment