Written by: Kelly Meade (11/27/23)

When everything you know and love is taken away, hope might feel non-existent as your faith is tested to limits beyond what you thought you could bear. In the midst of those dark places when the voice of the enemy is getting louder, we have the choice to give in and believe those lies or to stand firm and seek out the flickers of light that remind you you’re not alone and there is still goodness within the most difficult times.

The Shift follows the story of Kevin Garner as he navigates through challenges that threaten to steal not only his material possessions, health and family, but also his soul. With his marriage to wife Molly in a fractured state, an accident changes Kevin’s life forever when he meets The Benefactor.

We soon learn that The Benefactor has the ability to “shift” people to alternate realities where the choices they make give them completely different lives. He’s also bent on creating chaos by using people to carry out his bidding in exchange for supposed protection and a life where they get exactly what they want…or so they think. Kevin is a man of virtue who sees through the facade and who The Benefactor truly is as he continually refuses to accept any offer The Benefactor gives him. When Kevin is dropped into an alternate world where hope seems to have disappeared as the majority of people there live in poverty and fight to survive, he does his best to keep his faith alive as we see him pray and share passages from the Bible with others. He also tries to help as many people as he can with what little he has; all while trying to stay under the radar of The Benefactor’s henchmen. Through everything that comes against him, Kevin is determined to return to his wife as he never stops loving her.

In this alternate world, a theater has been fitted with technology to give people glimpses of their other selves and what their lives are like in another world. Kevin uses his time there in an effort to find Molly and one day, he finally sees her. This sets him on a quest to figure out where she is and how he can get there. With a plan in place, he must face his ultimate test and make the choice to side with The Benefactor and in return receive everything he wants or to stand firm and sacrifice his personal desires for the greater good.

Throughout The Shift, Kevin’s life parallels the biblical story of Job – a man who loses everything, is tested beyond what a human should have to experience yet maintains his faith and belief that God has never left him and the glimmers of hope have always been present even in the worst moments.

There is so much more to this film than what I can share in a review. Personally, as a lifelong fan of action, sci-fi and hero vs villain movies, I’m excited about The Shift and its potential to reach people in ways that other faith-based films may not be able to. The powerful message of faith, hope and love overcoming the darkest times imaginable as well as the strength found in a relationship with God is evident from beginning to end. This is the kind of movie that I have been wanting to see made and it did not disappoint. From the writing, to the way it was filmed, to the acting by the phenomenal cast – it had me on the edge of my seat anticipating what would happen next. The Shift and all involved have definitely raised the bar and makes an impact in the world of sci-fi/adventure films that I hope many will take the time to see and experience.

Cast includes:
Kristoffer Polaha as Kevin Garner
Elizabeth Tabish as Molly Garner
Neal McDonough as The Benefactor
Sean Astin as Gabriel
Rose Reid as Tina
Paras Patel as Rajit


Released: 12/01/23 (Theatrically)

Running Time: 115 Minutes (Nook Lane Entertainment, Pinnacle Peak Pictures, Salt Shaker Media)

Rated PG-13 (for violence and thematic elements.)

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