NESDAM Releases Newest Single “Bulletproof” to Quelch the Fire of Discord Found on Social Media

Single Marks Fourth Single Released By Up and Coming Houston-based Rock Artist


Houston, TX (May 13, 2022) – Discord /disˈkôrd/ (noun) : disagreement between people. We live in a world that is so filled with disagreement that it can often turn to bitterness, fighting and even straight up hate.  No one will ever agree on everything equally and that is perfectly fine.  It is how you deal with the disagreement that makes all the difference.  Rock artist Patrick Madsen, aka NESDAM tackles this very subject with his latest rock single, “Bulletproof”.   Social media has in many ways become something so opposite of what it was originally intended to be, that it has become downright detrimental to healthy on-line dialogue to many.  “This song is one for the toxic haters on social media, mental illness at its peak being spread in droves at the hands of online harassment” Madsen explains. “There are plenty of people who ask them to stop, plenty of rules that are implemented to stop it from happening, yet it continues. Why? Because you care? You won’t after listening to this one”

We have all heard the phrase “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”.  Clearly the person who came up with that idiom could not have seen the world in which we live in in 2022, because that is so to the contrary of reality now.  Words hurt.  But they do not have to depending on how you respond to it.  “Words can be bullets, but they don’t have to hurt you!” Proclaims Madsen. “I urge the listener to become numb to verbal hate! Don’t believe the lies and brands people choose to put on you!”

“Bulletproof” Chorus:

“I’m not here to hit and run / So you better run / I just need a loaded gun / So let me show how it’s done / I’m bulletproof so come on at me / Take your shots and reload them / I’ll go out loud / I won’t go softly / I’ll come out swinging, won’t back down”

Madsen continues to work against the grain through his work with NESDAM, vowing to “fight for the little guy” with his hard-hitting music and unapologetic lyrics calling out for people to stand together and unite regardless of their personal views.  “This song is also a play on Romans 8:31 which says “If God is for us, who can be against us?” Madsen explains. “Jesus reminds us that they hated Him before they hated us.  A great reminder that we need to be bulletproof in our faith until our lasts breath.”

In the meantime, stand tall.  Be vigilante.  Be the change and see it happen.

“Bulletproof” marks the fourth single released by NESDAM, be sure to check out his other singles “Crawl”, “Manipulator” and “One Block Away” on all digital platforms!

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